German brand Haibike is best known for its high-performance electric bicycles, most of which are long-travel enduro or downhill machines. Its newest model caters to the highest level of downhill racing, and it’s called the Hybe. According to Haibike, it’s the top model in its range, and its spec-sheet makes it easy to see why. Let’s take a closer look.

The downhill electric mountain bike with full suspension comes in two variants. The premium Hybe 11 boasts a Bosch Performance CX Race motor, while the Hybe 9 is outfitted with the Bosch Performance CX Smart System. Both models provide a commendable 85 Newton-meters of torque, ensuring rapid acceleration and robust performance on steep inclines. However, the Hybe 11, featuring the CX Race motor, takes it to the next level with pedal assistance ramping up to an impressive 400 percent, and a lightweight magnesium casing.

German Brand Haibike Launches New Hybe Electric Downhill Racer

Haibike’s new downhiller shouldn’t have any problems racking up the miles. The Hybe comes equipped with a 750 Watt-hour battery, a standard feature often seen with Bosch systems. Moreover, for those seeking extended adventures or extended trail rides, there's the option to utilize a range extender, adding an extra 210 Watt-hours of capacity to ensure you're well-prepared for those extra-long trips.

The Hybe takes on a mullet configuration, combining 29-inch and 27.5-inch wheels. This setup prioritizes stability during descents and technical maneuvers. Additionally, with a suspension fork boasting 170 millimeters of travel and a shock offering 160 millimeters, riders can expect a ride filled with confidence, even when tackling rugged terrain.

Styling-wise, the Haibike Hybe 11 flaunts an elegant color scheme featuring shades of blue, magenta, and pink. In contrast, the Haibike Hybe 9 opts for a slightly more reserved, yet equally elegant look, with a palette comprising gray, red, black, and caramel. Meanwhile, when it comes to adaptability, the Hybe caters to your specific riding style. Both models are built on a carbon frame equipped with a flip chip, enabling you to fine-tune the suspension geometry to match the terrain you're tackling.

German Brand Haibike Launches New Hybe Electric Downhill Racer

The Hybe 11 elevates both performance and technology, boasting a range of top-tier components paired with the advanced Bosch Race drive system. Standout features include the Sram GX Eagle rear derailleur and Magura brakes, solidifying its position as the pinnacle of Haibike's offerings. However, this heightened level of performance comes with a premium price, estimated at 10,999 Euros, or roughly $11,723 USD.

If the Hybe 11 is out of your budget, the Haibike Hybe 9 costs you just 7,999 Euros ($8,527 USD), which, let’s be honest, is still well beyond the budget of the average MTB enjoyer. That said, instead of the Sram groupset, you get more basic equipment here. The Japanese equipment brand Shimano supplies the brakes, and instead of the Bosch CX Race motor, you’ll have to settle for the regular CX motor.

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