Tesla has a knack for offering odd accessories. In 2018, Tesla launched a $1,500 surfboard with a limited production run of 200 units. The Texas-based automaker also released a $100 Giga Texas belt buckle and a $70 branding iron. These aren't items you'd likely see on a Ford or Volkswagen website. That said, Audi offers scented Italian geckos for $9.11, so maybe Tesla isn't so peculiar after all. 

Nevertheless, Tesla's peculiarities have been strengthened with a recent product launch. Tesla (the car company) and McDonald's (the fast food company) have been working together to launch an entirely new eating utensil designed specifically for McFlurries. Instead of a typical oval-shaped spoon, the new eating utensil is designed to resemble a Tesla Cybertruck.

The creation is called the Cyber Spoon. While it might look like something you'd find within the depths of Alibaba, this is a legitimate McDonald's and Tesla product. The spoon will run about $4.09, though it is only available in China. 

Despite being sold in the Chinese market, the spoon reads "DON'T PANIC" in English on the handle. Moreover, it comes in a sleek carrying container with the inscription "POWERED BY TESLA" on the top. The "DON'T PANIC" phrase is likely a reference to Neil Gaiman's 1988 book, Don't Panic: The Official Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Companion.

The item's eccentricity sparked interest from Elon Musk, who initially implied that it was not a genuine product. He replied to Twitter user Sawyer Merritt's Tweet writing, "Fake news afaik." 

The Cyber Spoon will have a production run of 50,000 units, meaning they will likely sell relatively quickly at around four dollars. Of Tesla's limited edition products, the Cyber Spoon is undoubtedly one of the most arbitrary. 

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