California-based electric bicycle specialist Velotric has just added two new e-bikes to its already impressive roster of two-wheelers. The Velotric Packer 1 and Go 1 seek to provide urban dwellers and outdoor enthusiasts with a boosted riding experience, with the Packer 1 being a heavy-duty cargo bike, and the Go 1 being a compact urban utility bike. Let’s take a closer look at these two bikes and the features they bring to the table.

Kicking things off with the Velotric Go 1, its very essence seeks to capture the needs of the everyday commuter. It’s compact, easy to ride, and is packed with enough utility to make it a viable substitute for your car – at least on daily solo trips to work or school. With a payload capacity of 440 pounds, the Go 1 is far more robust than your run-of-the-mill electric bike. Its small yet versatile rear rack can carry up to 120 pounds of cargo, so you won’t have to worry about strapping down some heavy stuff onto that thing.

Velotric Goes Big On Practicality And Versatility With Two New E-Bikes

The Go 1 is powered by the Velotric H50 rear hub electric motor with a nominal power output of 500 watts. This motor peaks out at 900W, and delivers 65 Newton-meters of torque. It provides the bike with an assisted top speed of 25 miles per hour., while the removable, frame-integrated battery pack offers 55 miles of range on pedal assist, or 48 miles of range on throttle mode.

Up next, the Packer 1 takes the Go 1’s urban capabilities and adds some heavy-duty hauling capabilities into the mix. It has a payload capacity 440 pounds, with an impressive capacity of 176 pounds on the extended rear rack. To accommodate this extra cargo, it’s fitted with the H75 motor, with a nominal output of 750W and a max output of 1,200W. This provides 75 Newton-meters of torque for a top speed of 25 miles per hour. Like the Go 1, the Packer 1 is fitted with a frame-integrated battery pack that offers a range of 52 miles on pedal assist mode, or 45 miles on throttle-only mode.

Velotric Goes Big On Practicality And Versatility With Two New E-Bikes

Like other models in the Velotric e-bike lineup, the Go 1 and Packer 1 are certified under the UL 2849 and UL 2271 safety standards, ensuring that owners can rest easy knowing their batteries are safe and equipped with the necessary safety features. According to the company, the new bikes offer a more eco-friendly option for folks going on short trips around town. Additionally, thanks to the extensive selection of aftermarket accessories compatible with the bikes, riders can tailor fit the bikes to their specific needs and preferences.

The new Veloctric Packer 1 and Go 1 are available for order via the company’s official website linked below. As for pricing, the Go 1 retails for $1,799 USD, while the Packer 1 carries a price tag of $1,999 USD – remarkable value considering the performance and versatility these bikes bring to the table.

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