As more and more electric bikes hit the market, consumers are spoiled for choice as different manufacturers offer all sorts of tech and features. When it comes to urban commuter bikes, however, it’s generally agreed that smaller is better, and that folding e-bikes make the most sense for the practical, on-the-go city-dweller.

Coh&Co, a Danish bike manufacturer, has added the Siggi to the growing selection of innovative folding e-bikes available in the European market. The frame and fork of this foldable commuter bike are made of a robust composite material special to Coh&Co. Furthermore, the Siggi can be outfitted with a handy all-in-one hub drive system from Zehus, significantly boosting its utility and appeal.

Coh&Co's New Siggi E-Bike Aims For Practical Urban Mobility

The lightweight folding e-bike features a frame made of StoneWeave, an innovative composite material that mixes carbon fiber and basalt. Coh&Co's novel material is not only very durable but also fully recyclable. The bike's left fork is also made of similar material, allowing for a compact fold for convenient storage and transit. The rear rack, which functions as both a cargo rack and a parking stand, is another useful component of the bike. Furthermore, the handle-like top tube of the frame gives a comfortable grasp, making it simple to carry the bike when necessary.

The Siggi foldable e-bike's design uses elastomer springs in both the front and back to improve ride comfort. Furthermore, the bike's foldable aluminum handlebar has adjustable reach, allowing riders of various sizes to modify their riding posture for maximum comfort and control. The Siggi is surprisingly light in terms of weight. It weighs only 10 kilograms as a non-electric bike, making it easy to transport and maneuver. When outfitted with the electric bike components, it weighs slightly more at 13 kg which is still pretty lightweight.

The adaptable Siggi foldable e-bike comes in a variety of configurations to accommodate varied rider preferences. It can be configured as a single-speed PAS (Pedal Assist System) electric bike, giving effortless pedal assistance. It can also be equipped with a four-gear internal hub, which increases its adaptability in handling different terrains and riding situations. If you prefer a non-electric variant, the Siggi can be ordered without the motor and instead equipped with a Shimano Alfine 11-speed drivetrain, which provides a larger choice of gear selections.

Coh&Co's New Siggi E-Bike Aims For Practical Urban Mobility

Coh&Co cooperated with Zehus Motors from Italy on the electric versions of the Siggi foldable e-bike. Zehus Motors offers an integrated motor and battery system that is housed within the bike's rear hub. When pedaling forward, this design provides a continuous and smooth assist experience, resulting in an efficient and comfortable ride. Furthermore, the Siggi has a useful feature that allows the battery to be charged while backpedaling, offering convenient recharging alternatives while on the go.

The Siggi folding e-bike is priced at 1,610 Euros ($1,794 USD) for the conventional non-electric variant, and 2,395 Euros ($2,669 USD) for the electric Siggi. Additional upgrades or accessories can be added to these prices. Shipping is scheduled to begin in January 2024, assuming no unexpected delays or changes to the production schedule. However, it is always advisable to confirm pricing, availability, and shipping details with Coh&Co directly, as these aspects are subject to change.

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