Rivian has started deploying the large commercial vans it builds for Amazon as mobile service vehicles for its growing fleet of consumer and commercial vehicles.

With a cargo capacity of 500 cubic feet, Rivian's Electric Delivery Vehicle (EDV) – which is called Rivian Service Van – is much better suited for the job than the R1T pickup the company has been using so far for light service jobs in the field.

That's because the van can handle heavier and bulkier hardware, and can be customized for different mobile service needs, such as changing wheels and tires.

"Each van is fit with a wheel balancer, automatic tire changer, air compressor, hydraulic jack and stands, and modular shelving with the parts and tools to complete 80 percent of all labor codes," Rivian said in a press release announcing the deployment. "Each van also has a dedicated 240v outlet to provide vehicle-to-vehicle charging.”

Rivian expects to have more than 200 RSV vans in its mobile service fleet by the end of the year, compared with about 100 R1T service trucks.


The company says the vehicles provide maintenance, repair, vehicle-to-vehicle charging, and a variety of other mobile service needs for more than 35,000 Rivian vehicles. 

Unlike traditional automakers who use dealers to sell and service their vehicles, Rivian sells directly to the consumer and has only a limited number of physical service locations. That's why mobile service is critical to ensure a good ownership experience. 

Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe said on an Instagram video post last month that the company is building out a broad service network. "Some of that is physical service locations – we have about 35 of those today – but a vast majority of service is actually being done with mobile service vans and mobile service trucks."

In the video, Scaringe briefly showed one of the new RSV vans, which are white and feature nature-themed graphics on the rear. The executive said the interior of the vans can be customized with different service equipment for different needs.

Rivian builds the electric vans at its plant in Normal, Illinois, alongside the R1T pickup and R1S SUV. The company is also looking to sell its electric delivery van to more commercial customers than Amazon, and to that end it is reportedly seeking to end the exclusivity clause of its electric van deal with the e-commerce giant.

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