Ever since the dawn of our existence, we as humans have been harnessing the power of the sun for our day to day lives. In the modern world, the sun's rays are being used all over the world to generate electricity, with pretty much anyone being able to log onto an online shopping platform like Alibaba or Wish to purchase their own solar panels. 

Here in the world of micromobility, we've seen our fair share of e-bikes and e-scooters attempt to harness the power of solar in a bid to eliminate range anxiety for good. The newest of which comes in the form of the S80 Solar Scooter, developed by a Chinese company called Jiangsu Snail Zhixing Technology. Electrek was at the Eurobike 2023 trade show, and got to see the solar-powered scooter firsthand (be sure to check out the article below), and it goes without saying that this scooter will be a head-turner on the road. 

Say Goodbye To Range Anxiety With This Solar-Powered Electric Scooter

You see, generating electricity from the sun usually requires a lot of surface area – something stand-up kick scooters aren't really known for. As such, the designers of the S80 Solar Scooter had to find a way to maximize the surface area of the scooter in order for it to generate enough power when exposed to the sun. The result is an electric scooter that sort of looks like a laptop given how massive the front portion and deck are. It's a cool, almost comical take on a solar-powered mobility device, but it's one that just might work. 

According to the Electrek article, the S80 Solar Scooter takes between seven and 14 hours of sunlight to fully charge. It offers between 35 to 70 watts of power to charge the onboard battery, and each charge is good for an impressive 22 miles. Assuming you live in the city, that's quite a lot of range for you to get to work and back on a daily basis. Assuming it's a sunny day, and you park your S80 outside, you've pretty much got yourself a scooter that'll never run out of juice – provided the weather cooperates, that is. 

All that power is stored in a battery that seems to be housed within the floorboard, and powers a rear hub motor with a nominal output of 350 watts. This means that the S80 Solar Scooter is no slouch, capable of hitting a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour. On top of that, the manufacturers somehow managed to throw in an impressive array of tech consisting of built-in GPS for anti-theft and location purposes, as well as a comprehensive digital dash displaying speed, trip distance, and battery life. This scooter even has turn signals and cruise control.

Electrek's article explains that the S80 Solar Scooter has completed all the necessary certifications in order to be legal for sale in the U.S. market. In fact, Jiangsu Snail Zhixing Technology reportedly stated that pricing for the S80 in the U.S. has been pegged at $1,400 USD – quite an attractive price tag for such a quirky yet practical two-wheeler. 

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