Tesla Model Y owner Ryan Shaw recently reviewed a Ford Mustang Mach-E and shared his thoughts via YouTube on how the two electric crossovers compare. Shaw reviewed the base Mustang Mach-E Select, which has a 72-kilowatt-hour battery pack, 250 miles of EPA-estimated range, and a 0-60 miles per hour acceleration time of 6.3 seconds. The Select variant starts at $43,000.

Shaw’s review is in-depth and covers every aspect of the Ford Mustang Mach-E. He spends plenty of time talking about the Mach-E’s 15.5-inch central touchscreen. The screen is used to control a majority of the vehicle functions, including driving modes and driver assistance features among many others, but isn’t snappy to use, according to Shaw. The Model Y’s infotainment is smoother and more responsive.

He thinks Ford should improve the screen’s responsiveness and user interface (UI) because people who have grown up using iPads and iPhones may be bothered by this screen's lag, especially when other brands like Tesla and Rivian offer snappier units.

Although he appreciates the physical rotary knob that’s punched out of the bottom of the central display. The knob controls the volume and the cabin temperature and according to Shaw, traditional users will appreciate it. 

Going from driving a gas vehicle for 30 years to driving a Tesla is a big leap. Ford is trying to make that leap [to electric cars] a little bit easier

He also added that the 360-degree camera is a great feature, but on the screen, it could have been better integrated. When activated, the 360-degree view occupies a small space on the massive screen, whereas Ford could have enlarged it for better visibility, as per Shaw. Although he appreciates Ford making the feature a part of the Mustang Mach-E’s kit because:

It’s something they [Tesla] promised a long time ago in its cars but never delivered it.

Next, he tested Ford’s BlueCruise. He reviewed systems like adaptive cruise control, lane centering, and lane change assist on a road not yet mapped by BlueCruise. Despite that, it appeared to function well. Although it didn’t work as advertised. Ford markets it as a hands-free system – in Shaw’s experience, the screen kept alerting him to keep his hands on the steering wheel.

Watch his video above to find out how his charging experience was (Hint: it was annoying), how the base Mustang Mach-E accelerates from a standstill, and how the ride quality compares to his Model Y. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments below. Would you pick the Mustang Mach-E over the Model Y? If yes, which variant would you opt for?

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