On paper, the Tesla Model S Plaid is a phenomenally quick car, with 1,020 horsepower and 0-60 time under two seconds. It's extremely quick in the real world, too – in a straight line. While a stripped-out, modified Model S Plaid held the Nürburgring EV record for quite some time the truth is the production car isn't exactly track-focused.

Racer and driving instructor Misha Charoudin recently took a stock Model S Plaid to the Nürburgring to put it through its paces. He recorded the entire experience, with his friend also behind the wheel at various stages. 

While the pair were immediately impressed with the Plaid's acceleration, Charoudin noted its seats weren't quite up to scratch and it was easy to be flung around when driving at high speeds. Furthermore, he felt the Yoke steering wheel was too big and clumsy

However, the duo's main concerns were the brakes and suspension. On the Model S in the video, the brakes had to be changed before it was taken onto the track again as the owner deemed the stock ones unsafe. As for the suspension, Charoudin stated that the car lost balance when it wasn't driving in a straight line and couldn't corner well. The suspension also failed to handle bumpy surfaces, and overall the vehicle was prone to "unpredictable movements."

While the long-awaited Track Pack will attempt to fix the braking issue, it won't address the suspension problems. Charoudin concluded that the Plaid is great in the straights, but struggles in track conditions. To be fair, it is a sedan after all and not a supercar. That said, given the power and weight in question the Plaid probably should have better brakes as standard. Instead, Tesla expects you to fork out $15,000 if you want carbon ceramics.

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