Tesla CEO Elon Musk said during an interview with the Wall Street Journal that the American EV manufacturer will probably reveal the location of its next assembly plant by the end of 2023.

Asked which is the most exciting country to build a Tesla plant in right now, Elon Musk replied:

“Well, we did make an announcement that Mexico would be our next location outside the US, we picked a site and everything, so there’s that. And then, we’ll probably pick another location towards the end of this year.”

The host then followed up by inquiring if India is interesting, to which Musk responded, “Absolutely!”


The American EV brand already operates several car manufacturing facilities across the world – two in the United States, one in Germany, and one in China – with Mexico lined up as the next country to host a Gigafactory.

Opening a factory in India would give Tesla access to the country’s cheap labor force (compared to Western rates), but nothing has been confirmed yet. Musk also met with French government officials, including President Emmanuel Macron, during the country’s Choose France Summit last week to discuss the possibility of Tesla investing in The Hexagon. During the Summit, Musk said that Tesla will invest in the European country at some point, but stopped short of offering details.

Currently, the company’s Fremont and Shanghai facilities are already working at maximum capacity, but the Berlin and Austin plants are still in the process of ramping up production.

Nevertheless, US registrations saw a 37 percent spike in the first quarter of 2023, with 155,360 new Tesla EVs hitting the road and paving the way for the full-year goal of producing 1.8 million units globally.

With four car-making facilities already live around the world, one ready for construction, and another one on the way, it’s certainly not a bad look for a company that’s just 20 years old, having started back in 2003 at a small facility in San Carlos, California.

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