Maxx is a German bicycle manufacturer offering a diverse range of models, including both electric and standard bicycles. In 2022, the brand introduced the ELS series of electric bikes, which are equipped with Shimano drive units to provide efficient power assistance. Continuing their innovative approach, Maxx released the ELF range for 2023, comprising four new models: the Jinxx ELF, the RaceMaxx ELF, the RoadMaxx ELF Sport, and the RoadMaxx ELF Tour.

Across the board, all the ELF models from Maxx are equipped with the Fazua Ride 60 motor, which is known for its lightweight design weighing only 4.2 kilograms. This motor is part of the Fazua system, which is owned by Porsche and has gained popularity in the market. It has a nominal power output of 250 watts and a torque rating of 60 Newton-meters. The ELF models are powered by a 430-watt-hour battery pack, providing ample power for extended rides. A notable new feature of the Fazua system is the Ring Control operating unit, which allows riders easy access to various ride modes and other features.

Maxx Jinxx ELF

German Bike Label Maxx Presents The New ELF Range Of E-Bikes

The Maxx Jinxx ELF is a sporty electric mountain bike designed for off-road adventures. Its frame is crafted from lightweight and durable 6061 aluminum, providing strength and agility on the trails. The bike features a full-suspension design, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even on rough terrain. With 29-inch wheels and 140 millimeters of suspension travel, the Jinxx ELF delivers excellent traction and stability. The inclusion of a premium Fox 36 front fork and Fox rear shock enhances the bike's performance and handling capabilities. The starting price for the Maxx Jinxx ELF is 6,499 Euros ($7,033).

Maxx RaceMaxx ELF

German Bike Label Maxx Presents The New ELF Range Of E-Bikes

Up next, we have the RaceMaxx ELF, a hardtail electric mountain bike. This model is specifically designed for versatile and dynamic riding, making it suitable for everyday adventures on the road or trail. The RaceMaxx ELF features an aggressive trail geometry, and is equipped with a 100-millimeter Fox suspension fork. Additionally, the bike comes with a dropper post, allowing riders to easily adjust their saddle height while on the go. This e-bike is designed with practicality in mind and can be fitted with luggage racks and fenders for added convenience. It has a sticker price of 5,399 Euros ($5,843). 

Maxx RoadMaxx ELF Sport

German Bike Label Maxx Presents The New ELF Range Of E-Bikes

The Roadmaxx ELF Sport, meanwhile, offers a sporty riding experience tailored for the urban setting rather than off-road terrain. The sporty frame can be equipped with a suspension fork that provides 30 millimeters of travel, enhancing comfort and handling. Depending on the chosen configuration, the 29-inch tires can range between 37 and 45 millimeters in width. The starting price for the Roadmaxx ELF Sport is 4,999 Euros, approximately $5,410 USD, which includes a flat handlebar. Alternatively, riders have the option to order the e-bike with a drop-bar starting from 5,299 Euros ($5,734).

Maxx RoadMaxx ELF Tour

German Bike Label Maxx Presents The New ELF Range Of E-Bikes

Maxx offers the Roadmaxx ELF in a Tour version, as well. Here, the bike is designed with additional features to make it suitable for everyday use and longer rides out of town. The RoadMaxx ELF Tour is equipped with a more extensive equipment package, including a luggage rack, mudguards, and lights, which are included as standard. Riders can also choose between a 30-millimeter suspension fork, as well as a variety of handlebar confugurations to suit their preferences. The retail price for the Roadmaxx ELF Tour starts at 5,299 Euros, or about $5,734.

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