Canadian recreational company Envo is best known for its outdoor electric vehicles such as its Snow Kart and Hydra Water Bike. While these vehicles are cool, and certainly fun, especially for folks who enjoy hitting the great outdoors no matter where and what time of year it is, they're certainly not everyone's cup of tea, and can mostly be considered fancy toys more than anything else. 

Indeed, electric bicycles can also be considered toys, but they're certainly far more practical, especially when used for exercise or commuting on a daily basis. Perhaps this is why Envo Drive Systems has decided to hop back in the e-bike game with its new commuter bike called the Stax. 

Canadian Firm Envo Presents The Stylish Stax Urban Electric Bike

At a glance, the Stax impresses with its minimalist lines, making the fact it's an electric bicycle nearly imperceptible. Beneath the surface, the bike is equally simple, rocking a hydroformed 6061 aluminum, TIG-welded frame. It's surely a what-you-see-is-what-you-get e-bike, and that's a good thing – especially with today's on-the-go, yet style-conscious generation. Speaking about style, the Envo Stax has a sporty air to it, with its thick tubes and streamlined bone line giving it an athletic stance. The slack seat tube angle also gives the rider an upright seating position, allowing them to pedal longer without feeling fatigued. 

In terms of technology, the Envo Stax is rocking a 500-watt, rear hub-mounted motor. According to the company, it has a max torque output of 60 Newton-meters, meaning it should be able to tackle the steepest slopes with ease. Another interesting thing to note here is battery placement. The Stax is able to maintain its streamlined shape thanks to a seatpost-integrated battery, rather than a down-tube housed unit. Surely, this means that the weight balance will be slightly rearward – but it's likely to go unnoticed as this bike is intended primarily for road use. 

Canadian Firm Envo Presents The Stylish Stax Urban Electric Bike

The battery pack consists of a 36-volt, 12.8-ampere-hour lithium-ion unit which should be good for about 62 miles of range, provided you keep power levels low. At full tilt, however, the Stax can provide assistance up to 26 miles per hour. Complementing the decent powertrain is a Shimano Altus 1x8 drivetrain. One of Shimano's most basic, entry-level kits, the Altus boasts precise shifting and a durable construction, guaranteeing many years of service life. There's also a 40-Lux headlight, a built-in tail light, and an LCD display that can be paired to your smartphone. Overall, the bike tips the scales at a respectable 19 kilograms. 

In terms of pricing and availability, the Envo Stax can be purchased through Envo's official website for $1,879 USD. Pretty decent pricing considering its stylish design, impressive performance, and practical versatility. 

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