While you may be at least somewhat familiar with General Motors' commercial electric vehicle subsidiary BrightDrop and its electric vans, this upcoming product from startup partner RollAway may come as a surprise. It's essentially a fancy electric motorhome you can rent, though the company is billing it as a luxury hotel on wheels.

BrightDrop is GM's commercial electric vehicle subsidiary that produces emissions-free long-range electric vans for commercial fleets and various related uses. The company has already entered into partnerships with the likes of FedEx and Walmart.

RollAway is a startup out of Silicon Valley with a focus on sustainable hospitality and related products. It recently announced its plans to partner with GM's BrightDrop to create the next generation in luxury accommodations. The company is touting the product as:

"Not a Hotel. Not the typical AirBnb… But the Ultimate Stay on Wheels!"

The upcoming electric van actually seems suitable for us as a long-term living space while you travel the country and explore. It will feature 250 miles of electric driving range, which is excellent for a vehicle of its size. The RollAway van will also come complete with a multitude of impressive five-star services and amenities.

Essentially, instead of camping, booking hotels, or renting rooms or homes on a website like Airbnb, customers can simply rent the RollAway upscale electric hotel on wheels. You could set out on a long trip without worrying about lodging or a rental car.

Again, while some folks may see RollAway's electric van as a glorified camper, the point is that it's set up and designed like a luxury hotel. Rather than owning it, you just rent it when you need it.

The van will come in many different setups, including one for two guests, another for families of four, and an even more upscale luxury suite. All versions include a queen size bed, a full bathroom, a kitchenette, and a living and dining area.

RollAway aims to launch in the near future, beginning in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can already pre-book a hotel on wheels by visiting the company's website. You'll have to provide your email address to unlock the pre-booking offer.

After that, it costs just $1 to pre-book, which gets you one complimentary night and a $500 discount off a $1,300 3-Night Package.

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