General Motors announced that demand is growing for its GMC Hummer EV SUV and pickup truck. The GMC brand actually stopped taking new reservations for the colossal EVs after some 200,000 people were interested in email updates and 90,000 already placed a reservation for one of the vehicles. 

Interestingly, GMC notes that looking at the 90,000 reservations reveals that some three-quarters of reservation holders are new to the brand, with about 40% being new to GM as a whole. Current reservations are essentially evenly split between the SUV and truck at this point.

That said, the brand believes the SUV will end up being more popular overall due in part to its shorter wheelbase and "more manageable" size. Though it will be around 2026 before production of the SUV ramps up enough to satisfy the potential growth in demand. According to vice president of global Buick and GMC Duncan Aldred:

"We had to pause those reservations because they're coming in so quickly that we simply couldn't keep up with them on a production level. That will take us well through this year. It'll take us through next year, as well ...

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GMC started Hummer EV SUV production at its Factory Zero facility in Detroit in January 2023. Meanwhile, The brand has been delivering the pickup truck version of the EV since the end of 2021.

Hummer EV SUV Edition 1 vehicles, which are obviously the first to come to market, will be limited to 2,500 copies, starting at $105,595. Three additional trims will follow this coming fall, near the end of the year, and early in 2024, with starting MSRPs at $106,645, $96,645, and $86,645, respectively.

GMC shared that it's seeing strong demand for the Hummer EV on the West Coast, which makes sense for EVs in general. However, the brand hasn't been favored in the area historically. This could account for the growing list of newcomers. Interest on the East Coast is also promising.

Marketing director for GMC Rich Latek emphasized the importance of dealers in the popularity and success of the Hummer EV. He added that once these SUVs are on the road and in dealer showrooms, it will work to further increase potential demand. Nonetheless, the brand is making a concerted effort to keep up lines of communication with both reservation holders and interested parties via email and social media.

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