The Ford E-Transit has been on the road since February 2022, during which it has racked up over 12 million miles in the US and Canada. Looking at the numbers provided by Ford, it's incredible to learn just how much the electric van has saved on fuel costs and reduced harmful carbon output.

While eventually transitioning all gas-powered vehicles to EVs seems to be the goal, the larger the vehicle and the more miles it tends to travel, the greater the impact. If we could transition all commercial vehicles, semi-trucks, vans, etc. from gas to electric, not only will there be massive savings on fuel costs, but even more notable savings to our environment.

Over the course of the first year, Ford has sold the E-Transit to buyers in all 50 states. In total, the Big Three automaker delivered 6,500 copies of the electric van by the end of 2022. Electrek notes that the E-Transit is the best-selling electric van on many continents, and Ford confirmed that it actually already makes up about 61% of the entire market for such electric vehicles.

According to Ford, the E-Transit has already saved some 745,000 gallons of gas that would have been necessary to power similar gas-powered vans. Moreover, the use of the electric vans reduced CO2 output by more than 4.3 million kilograms, which is an estimated 57% reduction compared to what would have been sent into our environment by vans with internal combustion engines.

The best part here is that Ford is just getting started with the E-Transit. These numbers are just being shared in celebration of the electric van's first full year, which provides plenty of promise for the future. Ford Pro CEO Ted Cannis shared, via Electrek:

"Businesses looking to adopt battery electric technology is happening at a global scale, and E-Transit – along with the Ford Pro one-stop shop of software, services and charging solutions – is at the forefront of that revolution. In its first year on the road, E-Transit has made an immediate impact, and we are just getting started."

Ford is also investing $95 million to up the annual production of the E-Transit by an impressive 38,000 copies. The production bump is supposed to start within about a month and to create 1,100 new union jobs.

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