The Rivian R1S is a fully electric SUV with three rows of seats as standard. It's not only highly accommodating, but also an off-road beast and a potential winner of many races. Does it have what it takes to outmatch a $250,000 super-luxury performance SUV and/or a 775-horsepower supercharged pickup truck?

Rivian calls its EVs "Adventure Vehicles" because they're built to take plenty of abuse, they have unique features and add-ons that make them ready to take on terrain and environments that many cars aren't built to endure, and they may be the perfect family vehicles for camping and Overlanding. In addition to the R1S' instant torque, impressive horsepower, and overall prowess, it's also a luxury vehicle through and through.

The Rivian R1S with its quad-motor all-wheel-drive system starts at $92,000 in the US, which may seem pricey, but it's actually not off the charts when you put it into perspective. The R1S is one of only a few three-row electric vehicles on the market today, and it competes with the $110,000 Tesla Model X. One could argue that it also competes with high-dollar gas-powered luxury off-road performance SUVs, such as the $105,000 Land Rover Range Rover and $90,000 Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

That said, in this epic drag race, we get to see the R1S face off against the $114,000 Shelby F-150 Super Snake pickup truck and the $230,000 Lamborghini Urus SUV. The R1S makes more power than both rivals, at 845 horsepower. Meanwhile, the supercharged F-150 dishes out 775 horsepower and the Urus produces over 650. The R1S also has a notable torque advantage, at a whopping 908 pound-feet. However, the Rivian's large battery pack also makes it the heaviest of the bunch.

It's time to place your bets. Head down to the comment section and let us know how you think this drag race and roll is going to play out. Will the R1S win thanks to having the best specs on paper, or are there other forces of nature at play that could hand the medal to one of the gas-powered competitors?

We'll tell you right away that the F-150 gets left in the dust in both the drag race and the roll race. While you'd expect the R1S' crazy torque to put it way ahead off the line, it doesn't blow away the Urus. In fact, during the drag race, the Lambo and Rivian are neck and neck practically the entire time. However, the roll race between the two SUVs ends with a much more definitive winner. Check it out for the final results.

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