We see reports about electric car crashes nearly every day, which makes sense since people are paying very close attention to the new technology and its overall safety. Sometimes, EV crashes can lead to massive fires that prove difficult to extinguish, though it is rare. Apparently, in some cases, an EVs battery pack can also become a projectile during a collision.

A recent video posted on Reddit clearly shows an Audi e-tron's large and very heavy skateboard-style battery pack make what appears to be a relatively clean exit from the car during a crash. The impact sends the pack flying into the air and across the road from the crashed car.


The video was posted on Reddit and discovered and shared by Electrek. The crash reportedly happened in Richmond, British Columbia, at Garden City Way and Odlin. Some folks analyzed the video more closely and posted photos of the aftermath.

There are three images in the Reddit embed above, though it may be difficult for you to clearly see what's going on. If you click on the images, it will take you to Reddit to see the entire view. We've included a close-up shot of the smoking battery pack that's shown next to the tree in the third image.

The Audi e-tron crashed with a Toyota sedan at an intersection. It's not easy to see exactly what happened, but it's clear that the collision caused the battery pack to exit the car immediately, as though it was a missile ready for launch.

According to ElectrekRichmond Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesman Corporal Dennis Hwang explained to the local news that the battery pack did, in fact, get ejected from the electric SUV and "combusted." He said:

"The battery pack of the Audi, an EV, was ejected from the vehicle and combusted."

"The safety of our community during the entire incident remained at the forefront. To our knowledge, this is the first such instance of an EV battery pack being ejected post collision."

When parts fly out of cars during crashes, it can prove very dangerous. This is especially true if the part is large and heavy, like an EV battery pack. However, on the flip side, if the battery pack leaves the car and combusts elsewhere, at least the fire isn't consuming the vehicle during the rescue efforts.

The driver of the Audi e-tron didn't suffer from any serious injuries as a result of the crash. Meanwhile, the driver of the Toyota was taken to the hospital, though his injuries were reported as "non-life-threatening."

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