Trek's electric bike spinoff brand Electra certainly knows a thing or two about providing budget-friendly e-bikes that are loaded chock full of features. Indeed, in the world of bikes—electric or otherwise—knowing that something is made by a company as reputable as Trek is certainly something to be desired. 

While Trek itself has an impressive range of electric bikes which cater to the performance-oriented sector, Electra has the needs of daily commuters and city-dwellers in mind. Take for example the newest two-wheeler to roll out of its assembly line, the 7D EQ Step-Over. From a styling perspective alone, it's easy to see why the 7D EQ is sure to be a hit. Nowadays, anything retro is instantly in fashion, and the 7D EQ fits the bill perfectly. For starters, the bike has a traditionally styled frame—a long head-tube, slim tubing, front and rear fenders, and a relaxed, laid-back stance. 

Electra Presents The Hip And Stylish 7D EQ Step-Over E-Bike

Underneath its vintage charm, however, the 7D EQ is thoroughly modern—something that folks lookig to ride this thing on the daily will surely be pleased about. All of the bike's wires and cables are routed internally, which also adds to the bike's super clean look. Furthermore, the battery pack is housed on the downtube, which actually does a good job of hiding the bulk. 

This leads us to the performance side of the equation. Now, Electra doesn't disclose the brand of the rear-mounted hub motor used on the 7D EQ, however, it does state a 250-watt nominal power output. A torque rating of 29.5 lb-ft should also be more than enough to help you climb the steepest hills on your commute to work. Nevertheless, we've seen similar motor setups in other Electra models before, so chances are this motor is made by Hyena, a rather popular Taiwanese e-bike system manufacturer. The motor is then paired to a battery pack that provides a range of up to 40 miles on a single charge. 

Electra Presents The Hip And Stylish 7D EQ Step-Over E-Bike
Electra Presents The Hip And Stylish 7D EQ Step-Over E-Bike

Now, as for the things that make this bike a bike, Electra has turned to a few reputable names in the cycling world. Shimano, for instance, supplies the rear derailleur, while MicroShift provides the shifter mounted on the handlebar. The chain is supplied by KMC, and it's responsible for transfering your leg power to the rear wheel, with seven speeds to choose from. Speaking of pedaling, the bike also gets a torque sensor, as opposed to the more rudimentary cadence sensors found on cheaper bikes. This translates to smoother and more natural pedal assistance. 

For just $2,000 USD, you can add the Electra 7D EQ to your collection, or even buy it as your very first electric bicycle. Trends suggest that e-bikes are here to stay, and you certainly can't go wrong getting aboard one produced by one of the world's most reputable manufacturers. 

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