Across the globe, automakers are making the shift to two wheels by offering electrically assisted bicycles alongside developing electric cars for various markets around the globe. In France, in particular, the government has been pretty aggressive in promoting electric bicycles as a solid alternative to driving a car, especially on trips in and around the city. 

To capitalize on the growing interest for electric bicycles, Toyota and French e-bike brand Douze have joined forces to come up with a new electric cargo bike with the potential to replace your car. The new e-bike, called the Douze Cycles x Toyota Mobility cargo bike is designed to fulfill the need of both individuals and businesses operating in the last-mile delivery service. 

Toyota And Douze Cycles Team Up To Release New Electric Cargo Bike

The Douze Cycles x Toyota mobility cargo bike is rather stylish and distinguishes itself from the longtails that Douze Cycles is already selling with its sturdy aluminum frame. Bulky items weighing up to 100 kilos may be transported on its 850 millimeter long loading platform, which is placed in front of the rider. To further boost transport capacity, the frame is hitch-compatible.

These features are particularly useful for those working in the delivery sector, as a lot of stuff can be carried in the storage compartment, minimizing the need for multiple trips to the sorting center to pick up additional parcels or packages. Meanwhile, individuals can make use of the extra storage space by configuring it to carry passengers. Either three children or one adult can ride in the front storage compartment, so long as it's outfitted with the appropriate seats and harnesses. 

On the performance side of the equation, the cargo bike is powered by a Yamaha electric motor with a nominal output of 250 watts. A 500-Wh battery pack supplies power to the motor, and is removable for convenient charging off the bike. As for range, you can expect around 62 miles on a single charge, however, this figure could vary depending on how much stuff you're hauling. Last but not least, for easy storage, the bike's front end can be detached. 

At present, Toyota and Douze Cycles have yet to announce pricing for the new cargo electric bicycle. That said, the bike is expected to hit the market by September, 2023. 

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