SEA Electric, an EV conversion company specializing in large-scale commercial projects, will convert 8,500 Toyota Hiluxs and Landcruisers for use in mines. Partnering with mining vehicle experts MEVCO, the deal is reportedly worth over $700 million. 

EVs play a big role in the mining industry. With miners spending hours underground in cramped poorly ventilated spaces, it's important to keep their carbon exposure to a minimum. Furthermore, EVs release less heat and are generally more reliable. 

The Hilux pickups and Landcruiser SUVs will be available in either AWD or RWD and will have two battery sizes - 88 kWh or 60 kWh. Vehicles with the 88 kWh pack will deliver around 236 miles of range meanwhile the 60 kWh unit will be good for 161 miles according to SEA. 

MEVCO's CEO, Matt Cahir, released the follwing statement.

“This is a pivotal partnership for the mining industry. It enables the world’s leading EV technology for heavy and light commercial trucks to be commercialized on a scale that makes sense for the bespoke needs of the mining sector. SEA Electric’s unique architecture is perfectly suited for the task, with the system’s high-torque characteristics ideally fit for purpose.”

SEA's electric powertrain is designed to easily fit commercial ICE vehicles. Beyond the Toyota models mentioned above, the powertrain can also be utilized on a wide array of other pickups/SUVs, vans, garbage trucks and even school buses. SEA was founded in 2012 and is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. 

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