In the video above, the reviewers have both a Tesla Model 3 sedan and a Volkswagen ID. Buzz fully electric van on hand to compare. While you may have never thought you'd be interested in how they stack up, it's hard not to be curious.

You may be thinking, why in the heck would anyone compare the Tesla Model 3 and VW ID. Buzz? However, we've shared our thoughts on such comparisons in the past. The Model 3 has long been considered the "go-to" among today's EVs, and Tesla the "go-to" brand as a whole.

Sure, the Tesla Model Y is becoming more popular, but the Model 3 came first, it's less expensive, and the two are exceedingly similar in most ways. If you're interested in how the Model Y compares to the ID. Buzz, this video should suffice just the same. Just realize that you'll obviously have more passenger and cargo space in the Y.

At any rate, all of today's EVs are arguably in competition with gas cars rather than one other. We've heard this said many times. However, when someone is shopping for a new electric car, they'll likely plan to cross-shop a few different models. While those models could be similar, such as two sedans, two SUVs, or two pickup trucks, there's a chance that the similarities aren't what's most important. Perhaps the choice between a few EVs comes down to the price, the range, and the overall experience and practicality.

The Tesla Model 3 and Volkswagen ID. Buzz both start at around £57K in the UK. While one's a van and the other a sedan, they're similar in length, and they both seat five people. The Tesla is the better performer and it has more range, but the van is clearly more practical for a number of reasons. 

As usual, the choice between these two EVs really comes down to your use case and priorities. If you want a quick and sporty EV that's also roomy and safe, the Model 3 should suit you. If you'd rather get something new and quirky, that's more family-friendly, practical, and versatile, you may prefer the ID. Buzz.

Check out the unique video comparison. Then, let us know which of these EVs you'd buy if you had to choose between them. Why do you prefer one over the other? Leave us your insight in the comment section below.

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