Tesla China has really kicked it into high gear, and it's the US EV maker's primary export hub. Much of that success can arguably be credited to Tesla China boss Tom Zhu. We recently learned he might be in line to become Tesla's global CEO, taking the reins from Elon Musk. However, now it seems he's set to get a massive promotion of a different variety.

New reports have surfaced in China after many people discounted the earlier stories that Elon Musk might promote Zhu to CEO. The Tesla China boss has been on hand at Tesla's newest Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. Reports suggest he's helping with the production ramp at the Texas factory, though he's also spent time in Fremont.

After many remained skeptical of the reports of Zhu's potential promotion, other details have been slowly leaking. For a short time, it seemed that rather than being promoted to global CEO of Tesla, Zhu may move to be the boss at Giga Texas. However, Reuters reported that people familiar with the matter are suggesting otherwise.

According to Reuters via Electrek, Zhu is being prepped to leave his current position in China and take on "a more senior and wider-ranging role at Tesla.” Close colleagues of the Tesla China boss have shared that they expect Zhu to be promoted to a high-level position, though not the CEO job or the boss in Texas. One of his close aides in China allegedly prepared a poem for him due to his upcoming departure.

Since Zhu has already helped out at Giga Texas and been reportedly working on Cybertruck production, it makes sense that he could move from his position in China to a more global-level role. This could allow him to continue work ramping up Tesla's newest factories, and potentially head up the Cybertruck program going forward.

Rather than bringing Zhu and his team into the US to Fremont and Austin as needed, the boss and his colleagues could take on such new responsibilities on a more permanent basis.

As with most stories related to Tesla, few details are substantiated, and the automaker doesn't have a press department or responded to inquiries. It may do so in China, though it seems the PR department in China is primarily focused on handling issues, not apprising us of inside information or potential promotions.

At this point, it's yet another waiting game. Do you think Tom Zhu will become Tesla's new global CEO, freeing up Musk to do as he chooses? Will Zhu leave China and take up shop in Texas to help with the Cybertruck production ramp? What say you?

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