While Lucid may not come right out and say that its goal in producing the Air electric sedan was to "one-up Tesla," many people will tell you that's precisely how it started. Regardless of Lucid's true intent, it not only one-upped the Tesla Model S in a few key categories that would get people's attention, like range and charging, but also in just about every category you can imagine.

Popular YouTube influencer Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) has been talking about Tesla for years. He's a tech reviewer that covers all sorts of products, and Tesla's cars are packed with technology. Moreover, the US EV maker is a software company, so it makes perfect sense for Brownlee to cover it. 

More recently, MKBHD decided to expand his coverage of cars with a new channel called Auto Focus. As you may have already seen, he focuses on the latest EVs and provides his personal opinions in a very simple and straightforward manner. It seems with all the new technology-packed EVs coming to market, Brownlee will have plenty to cover.

While he didn't post this latest video on his new Auto Focus channel, it's entitled Auto Focus! Season 1 Episode 11, Lucid Air, How to One-Up Tesla! Brownlee shows off the impressive (and expensive) Lucid Air electric sedan. He seems pretty excited about the fact that Lucid was able to make the Air arguably better than the tried-and-true flagship Tesla Model S in almost every way, except for one.

Brownlee delivers a concise and informative review of the Lucid Air that's easy to watch, just like all of his videos. To back up his claims of the Air one-upping the Model S, he shows us the many ways in which he believes the Lucid electric sedan is better:

The Air has more range, faster charging, a more luxurious cabin that's quieter, more comfortable seats, a more impressive windshield, and a much larger and more useful, powered opening and closing frunk. And there's more ...

So, in which category does Brownlee believe the Lucid Air lags behind the Model S? He's not too fond of the trunk, and for some obvious reasons. Check out the video to learn more. Once you've watched, let us know if you agree with MKBHD's opinions of the Lucid Air, and moreover, do you think it one-ups Tesla?

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