In order to get a Tesla Wall Connector, you used to have to visit the electric car maker's official website. There's a "Shop" icon that takes you to Tesla's online store with all sorts of stuff. However, now you can buy the same Wall Connector on Best Buy's website, and the price is the same as well.

Tesla is making the purchase of its home charging solutions more accessible. There are Best Buy stores all over the country, and they tend to have plenty of foot traffic, especially around the holidays. Moreover, people tend to have credit accounts for such stores, which could make the situation even more convenient.

At any rate, Tesla just recently started work to make its proprietary charging connector the future standard in North America. It's also opening up the Supercharger network to owners of all EVs. As Tesla pushes to gain more attention across the globe, these are moves it can make without resorting to traditional advertising.

More electric car owners drive Tesla's vehicles in the States than any other brand's EVs, and by a huge margin. As more and more people adopt EVs, it may begin to become commonplace to find charging solutions available at retail stores.

When we recently visited our local Best Buy, there were no Tesla Wall Connectors available in the store, and there also wasn't any sort of display to show that the units were available online. It would arguably be wise for Tesla to show off the sleek units in the store, and even have them available. Perhaps that's the case at some stores in markets, maybe in markets where EVs are more popular.

Upon visiting Best Buy's official website, the Wall Connectors were available for order. The white unit retails for $400, and the new black J1772 unit for non-Tesla EVs costs $550. Shipping and delivery times will obviously vary geographically, but at our local store, you can have either unit shipped and get it in about a week. In-store pickup takes a bit longer, and for the white Wall Connector, the option isn't available within 250 miles of the Detroit area.

We added the Tesla Wall Connector to our Best Buy shopping cart to see if we could learn more. As it turns out, the product ships for free.

The Wall Connector also ships for free on Tesla's website. However, there is no indication of when it will ship. Perhaps we would actually have to place the order to get that information.

Head down to our comment section below and let us know what you think of this move by Tesla. Smart? Silly? Will Best Buy actually sell a lot of these?

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