This week, we have news on Ford, Tesla, and Charging: Our Top EV News for the week of Dec 9, 2022.

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Tons of Ford

About 65% of Ford dealers will sell electric vehicles, according to Ford CEO Jim Farley. Through the Model e program, dealerships will have two options to become EV certified by Ford. Invest $500k or $1.2 million, with the latter option providing dealerships with more EV inventory. Ford has also provided the option of not selling EVs to dealerships, though they can continue selling other vehicles from the brand. 

Ford has produced its 150,000th Mustang Mach-E, taking the company one step closer to its goal of producing 2 million EVs by 2026. In the US, 31,000 Mach-E’s have been sold through October and that’s helping put in place plans for an annual production rate of 270,000. The Mustang Mach-E is currently sold in 31 Global markets.

Speaking of global, Ford will invest £125 million in EV parts production at its Halewood plant in the United Kingdom. This investment will help the Halewood plant produce 70% of the electric drive units for the targeted 600,000 EVs produced by Ford in Europe by 2026.  

Tesla Talk

A new Tesla Model 3? A prototype was spotted in California, reportedly nicknamed the “Highland” project. A refresh has been rumored to be announced next year. In more Tesla news, The brand hit another record, selling 100,291 vehicles in China during the month of November. This total marks the highest monthly amount sold since Tesla’s Shanghai factory opened in 2020, which equates to an 89.7% increase from a year earlier. 

A New Charge

ADS-TEC Energy has introduced the compact battery-based charging system dubbed Chargepost. The all-in-one charger integrates the battery, electronics, and cooling system, allowing it to only take up 21.5 square feet. Chargepost will provide 300 kW of power for one charging point and 150 kW for two charging points. The charging solution is currently available in Europe and soon to be in the US.  

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