Manufacturers of electric bikes and scooters continue pushing the envelope of design and performance despite there being seemingly strict regulations around the performance of these vehicles, particularly if they’re intended to be used on streets. Nevertheless, electric bikes and scooters continue churning out more power, while at the same time being equipped with more cutting-edge safety features.

Take for example, the Splach Titan electric scooter, which was launched on Indiegogo in November, 2022. This beastly electric scooter joins Splach’s already powerful and barely street-legal scooters—the Turbo and Transformer—but turns up their performance to eleven. Stand-up kick-scooters aren’t exactly known for their stability and off-road prowess, however, Splach wants to change this with the Titan. You see, the company compares it to an SUV, saying that the Titan is pretty much the SUV of the e-scooter world.

Electric Scooter Specialist Splach Unveils Powerful Titan E-Scooter

To back up this hefty claim, the Titan packs a wide deck measuring 22 centimeters across and 53.3 centimeters long, to provide you with a confident stance when riding through uneven surfaces. Furthermore, the scooter packs a full suspension system and nine-inch all-terrain tires. Thanks to all these beefy features, the Titan boasts impressive ground clearance, and looks like it’s ready to be ridden down a curb, and on some light gravel trails. Splach has also thrown in a bunch of LED lights, including a few on the sides of the scooter which can be color-customized to your preferences via a mobile app.

Onto the performance side of things, the Splach Titan packs an incredible powertrain consisting of not one, but two 1,000-watt electric motors. Combined, the two motors generate a maximum output of 2,600 watts. This translates to real-world performance such as a top speed of 37 miles per hour, and a 3.9-second sprint from zero to 30 miles per hour. To give the motors a bit of tractability on congested city streets, the Titan has 12 speed modes and three gear modes, all of which are accessible via the LCD display mounted on the handlebar. As for the battery, Splach claims that the 20.8 Ah unit returns up to 44 miles on a single charge.

Electric Scooter Specialist Splach Unveils Powerful Titan E-Scooter
Electric Scooter Specialist Splach Unveils Powerful Titan E-Scooter

In order to handle this much performance, Splach equipped the Titan with an aviation-grade aluminum frame. It also gets front and rear disc brakes and E-ABS which can be activated with the push of a button on the handlebar. The end result is a powerful electric scooter that weighs in at 29 kilograms. As such, carrying it up and down a flight of stairs and hauling it in the back of a car or van isn’t out of the equation. It also has a payload capacity of 100 kilograms, so maybe it won’t be a good idea to cram two people onto this thing.

Other tech features include optional Airlock keyless system, an Apple AirTag holder, smart cruise control, as well as a slew of other optional extras that allow you to custom fit your scooter to your preferences. The price is extremely attractive, too, with Splach offering the Titan on Indiegogo for just $1,149 USD. If you place your order now, you may be one of the lucky ones to have a shiny new electric scooter under the Christmas tree this year.

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