Lucid only sold six-figure versions of the Air electric sedan, but that changed last week with the introduction of the $89,050 Pure variant alongside the slightly pricier $109,050 Touring model . However, the Arizona-based automaker apparently has plans to go even more downmarket and introduce a new model, most likely another sedan, that will cost around $50,000 and debut sometime this decade.

The company is still proud that it managed to bring the Air’s cost down to be able to sell it below $100,000 while also not turning it into a barebones car - it still comes well equipped, missing out on the panoramic glass roof and range drops to 410 miles.

Derek Jenkins, Lucid’s senior vice president of design and brand told Automotive News about the Air Pure that "all of the development of the high-end cars has trickled down to this car at a better entry-level price, but still with pretty remarkable specifications."


Lucid has so far not officially acknowledged that it is working on a third model, after the Air sedan and Gravity SUV, although it did possibly show the vehicle under a cover in one video. We’re not exactly sure which video the screen captures are taken from, but they show Derek Jenkins and Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson walking around three cars.

One is an Air, another is a Gravity SUV that’s under a car cover, but the third vehicle (also under a cover) is not an Air. It looks like a sedan, a smaller one, with a different shape to its roof compared to the Air. It could very well fit the bill for the $50,000 sedan and the fact that it’s there suggests design work on it is complete.

We can observe through the cover that even though the rear end is more fastback-like to the Air’s more traditional sedan proportions, the front end of the mystery model appears similar to the Air, with intakes that go through the hood in pretty much the same place. From the front, it does look a lot like an Air, but with that different back section it most isn’t one.

But before Lucid can announce a third model, it has to successfully ramp up production of the Air, then launch and then ramp up production of the Gravity SUV. You will be able to reserve an example of the latter starting sometime early next year, with first deliveries expected to commence in 2024.

Lucid is also in the process of expanding its home factory in Casa Grande, Arizona. The company wants to increase its surface to three times the size of the original factory, thus hoping to reach its target of producing 400,000 vehicles per year at this facility.

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