As we just recently shared, Tesla started the rollout of its Full Self-Driving Beta Version 11 on November 11, 2022, at 11:11 PM. Version 11 is supposed to mark the point at which Tesla's FSD Beta gets widely released to everyone in the US and Canada who ordered and paid for the advanced driver-assistance suite.

Tesla has been rolling out new FSD Beta updates on a regular basis. It seems they're supposed to come every two weeks, though, at times, that hasn't happened. However, at other times, we've seen a few updates appear to roll out almost one after the other. Many current FSD Beta testers are now using some version of 10.69, such as or, but it has been confirmed that 11 is coming, and sooner rather than later.

If FSD Beta v11 is anything like what CEO Elon Musk and some of the beta testers have been talking about, it stands to be a pretty big deal. It's supposed to be the version that takes Tesla's driver-assistance technology to a single stack for seamless navigation amid city and highway driving. While this doesn't mean owners won't have to pay attention and be ready to take control at any time, it does suggest that the system will become even more "humanlike" with its driving.

While Tesla has started the version 11 rollout, Musk said it's going to be gradual, which has been the case with all other versions. The technology undergoes internal testing prior to begin given to employees. After the internal and employee testing, a smaller group of beta testers get to experience it ahead of a larger rollout. The big difference this time is that, perhaps before the end of 2022, the software update will become available to all FSD subscribers, though it seems they don't have to accept it and become part of the beta program.

At any rate, some of the FSD Beta v11 release notes were leaked last week, and we shared them. However, they were incomplete, and not really supposed to be shared publicly. Now, more v11 release notes have been shared online, and it seems it may be the full notes.


As you can see, with v11, FSD Beta will now be enabled on the highway. The legacy stack is, in fact, being replaced by the new single stack setup.

We'll be keeping watch to learn more about how the latest version is working. There will likely be beta testers posting on social media and producing and sharing videos soon. If you're a Tesla FSD Beta tester, share your experience with us in the comment section below. Moreover, if you're about to get the technology for the first time thanks to the upcoming wide rollout, we'd love to read your comments.

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