Automotive publication Edmunds has owned a Tesla Model Y for a few years. Over the course of that time, they've put quite a few miles on it, all while putting it through the paces in a number of ways. Regardless of how it performed in various tests, the important part here is that the editors at Edmunds got to learn precisely what it's like to live with the most popular Tesla model. Now, it's time for them to let us know what they learned.

Edmunds' 2020 Model Y is the range-topping dual-motor all-wheel-drive Performance model with the free Performance Upgrade package. It started at around $61,000 when they bought it, though they paid $2,500 to upgrade the paint color and $5,000 for Tesla's Full Self-Driving Capability package.

The editors at Edmunds have been driving the Tesla SUV for two years now, during which they've racked up 25,000 miles. We've been following their articles and videos about the electric crossover quite closely. Along the way, it has seemed as though they like many aspects of the car, though they have also shared plenty of complaints.

With all of that said, Edmunds aims to set the record straight in this video, letting us all know what it's been like to live with the Model Y, how they feel about it as a whole, and whether or not it lives up to the hype. Heck, this Tesla electric SUV may end up being one of the best-selling cars in the world this year, so it'll be nice to know if it's because it deserves such an honor, or if it's simply a "fad" or "bandwagon" situation.

At any rate, Edmunds admits it experienced many Model Y quirks, and it was certainly unhappy with the crossover's build quality. Moreover, the publication bought the FSD package hoping to be able to take advantage of it, but knowing full well it may not materialize on a timeline even close to Elon Musk's optimistic outlook.

Edmunds also admits that regardless of any of the issues or concerns it raised about the Model Y, it honestly liked its time with the car overall. This is because all cars have their fair share of flaws, and while the Tesla did work to irritate them on occasion, it also proved just as many positives.

Since you're not really here to read words on the page, we'll leave you to click on the video above and take it all in for yourself. Edmunds provided the following simple topics with timestamps, just in case you want to focus in on something specific. However, the video is relatively short, and we found it worthwhile to watch it in its entirety.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:56 What We Got
  • 02:18 What it's Like to Live With
  • 02:57 The Positives
  • 05:19 The Negatives
  • 08:47 Maintenance
  • 09:54 Edmunds' Take

Once you've had a chance to watch the full video, let us know if you agree or disagree with Edmunds' take on the Tesla Model Y. Even better, leave us some of your own pros and cons in the comment section below. What do you love about the Model Y? What do you wish Tesla would change?

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