Rivian has started pushing the latest over-the-air (OTA) software update to R1T and R1S customers, and its main feature is a so-called Kneel mode.

Kneel mode makes getting into and out of the R1T and R1S even easier, thanks to the Rivian EVs' independent air suspension system. Once the vehicle is parked, the new feature automatically places it in a low ride height—approximately 10 inches (254 millimeters) from the ground, depending on the wheel and tire combo—for easier entry/exit and loading and unloading gear. The vehicle will remain in that position until it is driven again.

Activating the mode requires tapping the Settings gear icon in the lower Center Display and navigating to the Vehicle and Access screens. Once there, the feature can be quickly toggled on and off. For safety and convenience reasons, Kneel Mode is only available in Conserve or All-Purpose drive modes when the Standard ride height is selected.

With Kneel mode is activated, the vehicle will lower as much as 1.4 inches (35 millimeters) when parked. The lowering process typically takes around 5 seconds. 

Rivian R1T Kneel mode

If someone opens a door before full lowering has completed, the process will pause. The operation will resume and the vehicle will remain at the lowered position after everyone has left the vehicle and the doors are shut. Rivian also notes that shifting the vehicle out of park will start auto-raising from Kneel to standard ride height once it reaches 5 mph (8 km/h).

Kneel mode is not available when certain drive modes are in use, such as Off-Road or Towing. That's because changing the ride height in these situations could be harmful to the vehicle or the load being towed. Kneel mode is also unavailable when using Sport mode because the vehicle is already set to a low ride height.

"This OTA software update is the latest example of how our software-defined vehicles create unique opportunities to innovate, enhance and improve the Rivian experience over the life of the vehicle."

Rivian press release

In addition to Kneel mode, Rivian's latest OTA software update brings enhanced functionality for the Gear Guard security system, including the ability to turn Gear Guard on/off from the Rivian app. This is possible on version 1.8.0 of the app, coming in November.

Rivian R1T Kneel mode
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