With its brand-new electric bikes created for all sorts of riders, Decathlon is undeniably an up and coming player in the rapidly growing e-bike scene. The company earlier in October unveiled its Rockrider electric mountain bike portfolio for 2023. With the introduction of the Long Distance 920 E under the B'Twin brand, it has urban dwellers and commuters in its sights this time.

The new B'Twin bike was shown during Decathlon's "Reveal Innovation" competition, an annual event held to highlight the design talent and originality of the businesses affiliated with the Decathlon group. It is distinguished by its electric motor and automatic transmission. The gearbox used in the 920 E, for instance, was created in collaboration with the Belgian business e2Drives.

Frédéric Jung, Product Director at B'Twin told French e-mobility publication Clean Rider that the 920 E’s prowess lies in its ease of use. “At the slightest pedal stroke, the bike reacts instantly and super fluidly. We are talking about a technically very advanced and very innovative bike that will simplify the life of a cyclist,” he said.

Furthermore, given that the automatic transmission is a housed unit, it doesn’t need shifters or a derailleur and requires virtually no maintenance. Cyrile Rouffiat, product designer at B’Twin explained, “Removing gears removes a constraint. We also remove a derailleur which eliminates maintenance to have a more durable product. ”

Diving into more detail, the motor is housed in the crankset, while the battery is integrated into the frame. At present, Decathlon has been pretty tight-lipped about the specifications, neglecting to mention power output and battery capacity. However, should this e-bike wish to conform to European e-bike regulations—which it obviously would—we can expect it to have a top speed of 15 miles per hour on pedal assist.

French Company Decathlon Charges Forward With New B-Twin E-Bike

If you’re as eager as I am to learn about the specs, and most of all, the price of this bike, then you’ll have to wait until Spring of 2023 when Decathlon officially launches it in the European market. Decathlon’s brands have always been known for their incredible value for money—heck, I just recently picked up a new Triban road bike, yet another cycling brand under the Decathlon umbrella, and needless to say, I’m thoroughly pleased. That said, the 920 E could very well change the commuter e-bike game, assuming it’s priced right.

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