Over a year ago I wrote an opinion piece where I stated that Tesla’s selection of colors was limited and not especially interesting, and that article resonated with a surprising number of readers who agreed that the palette of colors could be improved upon and expanded. Recently the manufacturer added two new color choices, but solely for vehicles coming out of the Berlin factory, available only in Europe and the Middle East.

These colors are called Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver and they will replace the older red and silver colors (Red Multi-Coat and Midnight Silver Metallic), and they both certainly look a bit more exciting, at least in photos. Adding these new colors was made possible thanks to the new state-of-the-art paint paint shop, which the manufacturer says is the most advanced it operates anywhere.

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However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently replied to a tweet asking whether US Tesla customers would be treated to new colors. Musk simply replied “Yes” but didn’t elaborate what the colors might be or when they could be made available.

According to a tweet from a known Tesla investor and fan posted almost exactly one year ago, three of the new colors could be called Deep Crimson Multi-Coat, Abyss Blue Multi-Coat and Mercury Silver Metallic. Tesla has not confirmed that these are, in fact, the new colors that wants to put into production, but Musk’s recent affirmative tweet does seem to point towards something that will happen in this regard.

Given the fact that the most popular Tesla colors in North America are white, silver and red, which should give you an indication as to what the manufacturer might be planning to offer in the future.

But even if new colors are added, owners who will want their Tesla to stand out will get their vehicle wrapped or even repainted in some rare cases - this is where Tesla isn’t quite as good as its established premium rivals some of which allow for buyers to actually create one-of-a-kind custom colors, or at least choose from a wide assortment of optional finishes.

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