Back in June 2022, there were several media reports about Tesla cutting its staff. This came after it was learned that CEO Elon Musk sent an email to employees about a hiring pause and some reorganization of the company's employee base. However, despite ongoing global turmoil and issues with the economy, the US electric automaker is back to ramping up hiring.

When the word first came out that Tesla was pausing hiring and cutting staff, Musk made it clear that the story wasn't as it seemed. He noted that Tesla would actually continue hiring factory workers, which made sense since the automaker had just recently opened two new plants, one in Texas and the other in Germany. He said that the downsizing would only impact salaried staff, though the number would remain "fairly flat" over time while Tesla's total headcount would increase.

Now it has come to light thanks to an article published by Electrek that Tesla is actively hiring yet again. The publication notes that following the previous layoffs, Tesla's job listings have grown some 50 percent. Electrek came across the information about Tesla's spike in hiring from a recent Reuters article, which included the following explanation:

"Tesla this week listed over 6,900 jobs on its career website, almost a 50% surge since mid-June, when Reuters began tracking the data. That compares to a 2022 peak of over 7,400 job ads in May, according to data similarly tracked by Thinknum Alternative Data and hedge fund Snow Bull Capital."

When Musk sent the email to employees back in June and the media picked up the layoff story, the CEO took to Twitter to talk about the economy and inflation. However, he was also clear that Tesla may not have been as efficient with its hiring as it should have been over the years. This reportedly caused some areas and departments to become overstaffed, all while factories would likely continue to need additional hourly workers.

As Tesla ramps up Giga Berlin and Giga Texas, it will need to add thousands of workers. In addition, the company just completed significant upgrades to ramp up production in China, and it has plans to expand at the Nevada Gigafactory, as well as the Tesla's original factory in Fremont, California.

The job listings have an emphasis on engineering, manufacturing, and vehicle service. We know Tesla is working to expand and improve its service situation. Moreover, the jobs in manufacturing come as no surprise since Musk previously clarified that hiring would continue in that department. Tesla seems to always be hiring engineers as well.

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