Several observers, photographers, and drone operators actively document the happenings around Tesla's factories. We've shared photos and videos in the past of the Shanghai South Port terminal, where Tesla ships out vehicles for export. While it's always arguably interesting to see the EVs accumulating at the beginning of each quarter, it seems we may have a new record to start Q4 2022.

Tesla produces EVs at its Shanghai Gigafactory and exports most of them during the earlier part of the quarter. Toward the end of the quarter, it focuses on delivering its EVs to local customers in China. For this reason, there's typically a ton of activity at the Luchao Port Shanghai Nangang dock through the first few months of each quarter.

Tesla fan, owner, and bringer of breaking news Sawyer Merritt has taken to counting the cars he sees in various drone flyover videos at the port in China. Based on footage from a recent drone flyover video filmed and produced by Wu Wa, Merritt counted over 10,500 Tesla vehicles ready to be loaded for export. 


Merritt has been counting Tesla's EVs when the possibility arises. He notes that based on his research, the number of electric vehicles currently at the port could be a new record for the US electric automaker. While this is obviously far from scientific, Merritt shares that, based on his counting, the previous record was around 10,000 in August 2022. 


Keep in mind that August is the second month of Q3, and Tesla typically delivers many more cars in Q4 than in Q3. Based on this, there's a very good possibility that the number of Tesla's EVs at the port could grow to an even larger record in November 2022. We'll be waiting and watching so that we can share details with you if they become available.

As you can see from the reply to the second tweet above, 10,500+ Tesla EVs only equates to about three days of production based on the factory's current rate. Tesla's Shanghai Gigiafactory recently underwent upgrades and is said to be capable of producing some 22,000 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles per week – or over 3,000 per day – though reports suggest it's limiting the number to 20,500 copies weekly through the end of 2022.

Tesla will release its Q3 2022 earnings on Wednesday, October 19, 2022. The financial results are expected to be available when the market closes, and there will be an official conference call at 5:30 PM Eastern Time.

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