Buick has already shown a few Electra concepts over recent years, and the brand has teased its Electra-X SUV concept as potentially being the first Ultium-based EV for the automaker. Now, according to an article published by Autoblog, a sportier version may be coming, which doesn't necessarily follow suit with the Buick's current product lineup.

Buick revealed a concept car version of an Electra EV in China back in 2020. Just this summer, the brand showed off the Electra-X concept pictured at the top of the page.

Buick Electra Concept (2020)

Buick Electra Concept (2020)

Yes, there's a chance Buick will become a go-to brand for sporty electric crossovers in the future. The same could arguably be said about many automotive brands – most seem to be focusing on crossovers, which are very popular on our shores, most are transitioning to EVs, and it's the stylish and sporty models that are getting loads of attention. Think Ford Mustang Mach-E, Tesla Model Y, Kia EV6, Genesis GV60, and the list goes on.

That said, Autoblog came across an application that General Motors filed this month with the US Patent and Trademark Office. It was for the Electra Gran Sport "GS." Buick first launched the original Electra back in 1959, and, despite its name, it wasn't an electric car. However, it does make some sense to use the name for a future electric version. It's important to note, GM just applied to trademark the Electra name toward the end of 2021. 

Buick has made it official, it will debut an electric Electra later this year, with plans to bring it to market in 2024. The brand is also following suit with many other automakers, aiming to transition to a fully electric lineup by 2030.

Buick also has plans to bring at least two fully electric crossovers to market in 2023, though Autoblog notes that some Buick dealers may opt for a buyout from GM rather than sell the upcoming electric models. Duncan Aldred, GM's Global Vice President shared:

“Not everyone necessarily wants to make that journey, depending on where they’re located or the level of expenditure that the transition will demand. So if they want to exit the Buick franchise, then we will give them monetary assistance to do so.” 

If you're not familiar with the GS badge, check out Buick's list of earlier high-performance Gran Sport models, including the Riviera GS and Skylark GS. The Electra never got the GS badge, though Buick did use it for other cars, such as the Regal GS in the early 2000s.

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