Just when I thought e-bikes have already reached the pinnacle of tech and design, more and more manufacturers step in and push the envelope even further. Now, e-bikes are way more than just bikes with motors strapped onto them, and look pretty much nothing like their non-electric counterparts. Take, for example, the Blade One from German mobility company IO eMobility. Just one look at this e-bike makes it easy to see why it’s named “Blade One.”

It boasts a futuristic design and is made entirely out of carbon fiber, allowing the entire e-bike—motor and battery included—to tip the scales at just 19 kilograms. Even better, it has a payload capacity of 110 kilograms. The bike’s design, slender and streamlined, accentuates its future-facing styling, too, with its split five-spoke wheels and sharply angled frame. You’ll also notice that it doesn’t have a seat tube, with the top tube and seatstay flowing continuously front to back. This is so the carbon frame, which would otherwise be extremely rigid, could provide a little bit of extra comfort when riding on less-than-perfect roads.

Now, onto the meat and potatoes, The Blade One has a 250 watt motor that offers five different degrees of pedal assistance. This motor, which is mounted on the bicycle's back wheel, has a maximum torque output of 48 Nm and can propel the rider at up to 15.5 miles per hour. The 36V, 10Ah battery uses LG cells and has a 360 Wh energy capacity. In ideal riding circumstances, the company claims that it will provide up to 62 miles of autonomy—which in the real world, translates to a few days worth of commuting.

An LCD screen mounted on the bars provides the cyclist with a clear view of key riding information, complementing the impressive powertrain. Due to an integrated USB connector, the user can easily recharge their smartphone and other devices while on the go. The Blade One e-bike has 160mm Tektro HD-M275 hydraulic disc brakes on the front and back, road-focused commuter Kenda tires, and a Royal saddle. LED lights and a side stand are included as equipment for additional urban convenience.

By November 1, 2022, the Blade One is anticipated to be accessible to consumers in Europe. Whether or not the bike will make its way to other parts of the world remains to be seen. On the IO eMobility website, pre-orders for the Blade One are currently available. The bike is on exhibit for 1,899 Euros, which is less than $1,848 USD and represents a discount from its suggested retail price of 2,199 Euros, or nearly $2,140 USD. It is available in two hues, black and white, and for an extra 39 Euros ($38 USD), mudguards are an option.

German Company IO eMobility Introduces Blade One Electric Bike
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