Taiwan’s Foxconn does most of its business building tech products for third parties, and it looks like it plans to apply the same model for its new car-building side of the business. It has just announced a deal it has struck with a Los Angeles-based electric vehicle startup INDIEV (founded in 2017) to manufacture prototypes for its first production vehicle at its recently acquired Ohio plant (formerly the Lordstown GM facility).

The two companies have officially signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to manufacture the vehicle called Indi One in Ohio (revealed in October 2021) , and the partnership could extend to future models too and actual full production. From what we understand, this deal only refers to the manufacturing of prototype vehicles necessary for testing, not mass-production of the finished model.

According to Foxconn Chief Product Officer Jerry Hsiao,

Our MOU with INDIEV marks the beginning of many more discussions to come regarding the future of EV manufacturing in Ohio. Throughout this process, Foxconn is confident in its Ohio workforce to manufacture quality prototypes that will help INDIEV achieve future success.

INDIEV wants to differentiate itself from other startups through its approach to automotive, which it deems unique. Instead of focusing on performance and specs, the company will try to woo buyers with excellent connectivity, customizability, as well as putting high processing power at the occupants’ fingertips. It apparently wants to promote creativity with its vehicles, which isn’t a point of view we’ve heard before to come out of this industry.

The Indi One prototype still has impressive specs, though, with a large 95 kWh battery pack that provides an expected range of 275 miles (442 km) and the ability to sprint to sixty in 5.5 seconds. It has a targeted MSRP of around $45,000, clearly setting its sights on the ubiquitous Tesla Model 3.

If you want to see a prototype in person, you will be able to do so at INDIEV’s showroom in Beverly Hills between October 14 and 15.

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