The Fiido X was initially unveiled to the public in the summer of 2021, when it saw strong sales as a result of its simple yet sophisticated appearance. Due to its folding frame, which made it a perfect choice even for those living in small city flats, the X also demonstrated its reliability as a compact and convenient commuter.

The Fiido X has been improved for the 2022 model year to be better and more streamlined than before. The bike, according to Fiido, is fundamentally the same machine but has been improved to provide even more performance. To begin with, it has the same single-piece folding magnesium alloy frame that not only makes the bike quite lightweight but also strong and comfortable to ride. A new Shimano 7-speed shifter, an enhanced meter, an upgraded handlebar, and a new, more comfortable saddle are all part of the improvements.

New Fiido X E-Bike Brings Practicality And Affordability To The Table

The X's already outstanding folding mechanism has been further enhanced by Fiido by improving the magnetic folding parts to make them more robust and user-friendly. Additionally, an enhanced password access system has improved security. A new torque sensor, which Fiido claims makes the ride easier and more intuitive, has been added for performance. In relation to that, the X is available with two motor options: a 350W motor and a 250W motor for regions like the EU and the U.K. where e-bikes are forced to comply with stricter restrictions. A 417.6 Wh battery included with the Fiido X regardless of the motor of your choosing.

Having said that, the highest speed and range of the two variants are different, with the 350W version having a top speed of 19.2 miles per hour and a range of 68 miles per charge, and the 250W version having a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour and a range of 80.7 miles. Additionally, the new Fiido X comes with an app that enables remote bike tracking and interaction with other Fiido riders.The Fiido X is positioned as a competitively priced option for the daily commute, costing $1,799 for any motor model, including fenders and a kickstand.

Gallery: New Fiido X E-Bike Brings Practicality And Affordability To The Table

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