This Tesla Model 3 owner is confident that her car saved her life. She claims the car actually took control on its own after the 70 mph crash, stabilizing the situation and bringing the EV to a safe stop.

If a car's advanced driver-assist system either fails to work as intended or seems like it could have actually caused an accident, we're probably going to hear about it. People aren't likely to want safety systems in their cars that don't work properly or could end up hurting them.

On the flip side, if a car's driver-assistance aids work as intended, reducing the chances of a devastating crash, minimizing the damage to the car, and keeping the occupants safe, we may not hear about it. This is because vehicle safety systems are saving lives every day. Since it's common and expected, it might not make headline news.

At any rate, as the story goes, the Tesla owner was driving her Model 3 at 70 mph when she felt a sudden and sizable impact from the rear. A Dodge Charger driver left his lane and clipped the back of the Tesla. The Tesla owner freaked out and went into shock, letting go of the steering wheel. The car's Autopilot technology features reportedly took over and kept the car steady and brought it to a safe stop.

The Charger driver stopped ahead, but didn't come back to check on the Tesla owner. He told the police she had hit him, but they still gave him a ticket. She was unable to show them the TeslaCam footage at the time, but she will be able to present it in court. Her insurance company totaled the Model 3 and gave her $15,000 more than she paid for it a year before. She will be replacing the Model 3 with another Tesla since she insists it's the safest car she's ever owned.

In addition to the clip about Tesla Autopilot saving lives, the video above has 20 other clips of Tesla fails and crashes that have never been shared before. The video also shows various instances during which Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta capability, Tesla's Enhanced Autopilot, and automatic emergency braking react to different situations, avoid collisions, and potentially save lives.

Do you own a Tesla? If so, let us know what you think of Autopilot. If you're an FSD beta tester or have experienced the technology, feel free to share your takeaways.

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