We recently told you that Chevrolet is kicking off a brand-new marketing campaign that centers around electric vehicles. In order to get plenty of eyes on the new ads, General Motors has chosen to run them during NFL football games. We can only imagine the automaker has big plans for the upcoming Super Bowl as well.

Chevrolet has been GM's EV maker for some time now. The Volt and Bolt EV have been around for years, but GM discontinued the Volt following the 2019 model year. The Bolt has been updated over the years, and Chevy refreshed it inside and out for 2022. The brand also brought the Bolt EUV to market for 2022 as a new model. It's essentially a more practical, crossover version of the Bolt EV hatchback. However, Chevy has a long list of EVs on the way, and it appears they'll be quite affordable.

We don't tend to see a whole lot of car ads in the EV space, though that has slowly changed over the years, and it may stand to change much more drastically in the future. EV startups don't really advertise, and many legacy automakers are still busy touting their gas cars, though some have started running appealing EV ads.

For a time, most automakers didn't make many EVs, those they did make were only produced in small numbers, and people weren't really buying them. In fact, some car makers didn't really want people to buy EVs, as they really didn't want to sell them. Automakers were losing money on electric cars, and most of the public wasn't ready to make the switch. That said, times have changed significantly, and EVs have become much more popular in the US.

As you'll see when you check out Chevy's new "EVs for Everyone" ad above, which was posted on the brand's official YouTube channel, it shows "everyone" driving their Chevy EVs. We're not just talking about the currently available Bolt lineup, but rather, the upcoming Equinox EV, the Silverado EV pickup truck, and the Blazer EV. However, the best part is arguably the music. GM aims to get us all singing. Chevrolet writes:

"Our exciting lineup of Chevy electric vehicles — the Silverado EV, Blazer EV, Equinox EV, Bolt EV and Bolt EUV — is coming to offer electrifying choices to everyone, everywhere. Now that’s something to sing about."

For those unfamiliar, the song of choice for the commercial is Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere." Whether you know it or not, and perhaps even whether you like it or not, the tune is an infectious one that brings a smile to your face and may even make you want to sing along. It may even get stuck in your head, which is probably exactly what the folks at Chevy are hoping for.

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