Volcon is a name that electric off-road aficionados will undoubtedly recognize. With products like the Stag UTV and the Grunt off-road electric motorbike, the company takes pleasure in being one of the innovators in the electric-powered off-road industry. With its most recent model, the Brat, Volcon is about to join the fiercely competitive electric bicycle market.

In recent years, the popularity of electric motorcycles has exploded, and Volcon's Brat aims to raise the bar for off-road electric bikes, while setting itself apart from the well-established eMTB segment. The Brat, according to Volcon, is built similarly to a motorcycle and incorporates some of the company's famous design elements, such as the exo-arch construction from the Grunt and Stag models. CEO Jordan Davis highlighted the company's off-road history in its official news statement and expressed excitement about the brand's debut in the electric bicycle industry.

The Volcon Brat Storms Into The E-Bike Segment With Rugged Performance

“While our brand was built on the dirt, we have a passion for all things performance and the Brat meets our expectations. We set out to enter the market with not only a high-performance machine, but a bike that had style as well. The e-Bike market is saturated with lookalike products, and we believe the Brat stands out from the crowd in both looks and performance,”

While discussing the opportunities the e-bike sector presents for Volcon as a brand, Davis stressed that the Brat is the ideal entry point for prospective electric motorbike riders, serving as their first taste of the two-wheeled lifestyle.“We believe the strong growth in the segment is a unique opportunity to offer a fresh product, grabbing the attention of on-road e-Bike enthusiasts. The proverbial leap from the Brat to the Grunt isn’t far. If you can ride the Brat, you can ride our Grunt, meaning as your riding style changes and experience progresses, we’ll have the product for you.”

The Volcon Brat Storms Into The E-Bike Segment With Rugged Performance
The Volcon Brat Storms Into The E-Bike Segment With Rugged Performance

To manage anything from off-road trips to effortlessly negotiating city traffic, the Brat boasts four riding modes. From scarcely any pedal assistance to full throttle engagement, these options are available. Furthermore, Volcon claims that the Brat can cover a distance of 70 miles on a single charge . Using a typical household outlet, the Brat's 48V battery can be fully charged in six to seven hours. The Brat's high torque electric motor, which has a top speed of 28 miles per hour, delivers immediate power for steep ascents and exhilarating acceleration.

Last but not least, we come to the topic of tech. Volcon has long had a focus on user-focused technology, and the Brat is no different. For starters, it packs a color display that features smartphone connectivity via a dedicated mobile app. The display also informs the rider of pertinent daat at a glance, such as speed, remaining range, battery charge, and total distance covered. As for pricing, Volcon sets to undercut competitors such as Super73 with a rather affordable price tag starting at $2,799. The first Brats are expected to make their way to dealers and customers by November, 2022.

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