The Dubbel is a brand-new electric bicycle designed to carry loads of cargo from Santa Cruz, California-based e-bike manufacturer Blix. The Dubbel, a spin on the term "double," is made to accomplish exactly that: bear twice as much cargo as your run-of-the-mill e-bike. This is accentuated by its extended rear cargo rack that can double as a passenger seat, as well as its front-mounted cargo rack.

The Dubbel, which was recently featured in an article by Electrek, is what Blix is referring to as a "motorcycle-inspired compact utility e-bike built for social adventures, family time, and practical utility use." It may be motorcycle-inspired in terms of utility, but it still seems to convey the laid-back, cruiser-like charm for which Blix has become renowned. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that the extended rear bench/cargo rack and extra front cargo rack add to its rugged charm.

The New Blix Dubbel Is A Cargo E-Bike With Double The Utility

The CEO and founder of Blix, Pontus Malmberg, stated in the same Electrek article that the Dubbel can accommodate a variety of demands and lifestyles. “Adding more activity and enjoyment into the day-to-day will be crucial for people’s wellbeing in the future. You need products that offer a really great experience for different lifestyles and needs; that combines functionality with compelling design and technology which work seamlessly in the everyday. That’s why we developed the Dubbel.” Malmberg stated.

When it comes to performance, the Blix Dubbel is by no means a slouch. I mean, it’s meant to carry the rider plus a passenger, and some cargo to boot, so it better be packing quite a punch. In fact, the bike has a 750W hub motor with a throttle that produces 90 Nm of torque. One or two 48V 14Ah batteries, each with a capacity of 672Wh, or 1,344Wh combined, are included with the bike. The twin battery option allows for a range of up to 80 miles. The bike tips the scales at 31.8 kilograms, and gains an additional 3.6 kilograms with the addition of a second battery, but getting double the range is surely a worthy tradeoff.


Supplementing the bike’s healthy powertrain are 20 x 3.3-inch tires, which are smaller than conventional, but are designed to maximize efficiency, increase torque, and provide the bike with a lower standover height, thereby making it more accessible to riders of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, the bike gets an eight-speed drivetrain, allowing you to seamlessly pedal the bike be it assisted or unassisted—assuming your intention is to get a workout in. Furthermore, when you have cargo, luggage, or a person on the rear rack, the step-through design makes mounting considerably easier.

The Blix Dubbel is currently up for pre-order and should start arriving in October. The single battery variant will cost $1,999, while the double battery model will cost $2,499 at full retail. The bike's three neutral colors—Slate Gray, Bright White, and Nü Cream—give it a simple, though functional, look.

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