We've been saying for years now that there's simply not enough information out there related to electric vehicles. Fortunately, that's beginning to change much more rapidly as legacy automakers bring EVs to market based on popular vehicles, such as the Ford F-150 Lightning. However, there are still many people out there who are oblivious.

When we stumble across a survey like this and begin reading the crazy responses, it reminds us of when late-night talk show hosts walk around the city and ask people seemingly obvious questions. Meanwhile, many of the people are outright clueless, and sometimes even the best clues leave them more puzzled.

In a world dominated by technology and social media, there's just a ton of misinformation out there, and it's constantly spreading. Even if people on the outside of the EV community wanted to begin learning more about EVs, there's a good chance they'd stumble upon as much false or manipulated information as they would facts, but the answers to this recent survey posted by Leasing Options Limited out of the UK still have us shaking our heads.

We'll say up front that we have no idea how scientific this survey was, but as you'll quickly learn, it doesn't really matter. If just a few people across the globe answered any of these questions with such responses, it's worth shedding some light on. When a talk show host polls people on the streets, it's not representative of the whole population, but it does show that such beliefs actually exist out there in the real world. 

There are many questions, and we cover them all, but the highlights are as follows:

  • Less than one in 12 people surveyed believe you cannot sit in an EV while it's charging
  • Over three people out of 50 think EV batteries explode during a crash
  • One out of 20 people said you don't need a driver's license to drive an electric car
  • One out of 25 people surveyed think EVs can't be taken into car washes
  • More than one in 50 people said EVs don't have brakes

As you can see, it's wild to learn what some people believe, or at least what they've read on the internet or heard from others.

In order to help people better understand EVs, Leasing Options Limited provides a bit of information. The goal here is to help dispel myths, misconceptions, and miscommunications while making sure the general public is less confused about electric vehicles as a whole.

Leasing Options Limited shares how EVs are powered, how they go in Reverse, and how their braking systems work. Perhaps more importantly, the website stresses that an EV is not going to easily shock you, you can actually drive an EV in rain, and EVs aren't more prone to lightning strikes than any other car. To read more details, follow the source link below.

Can you think of any other EV myths or misconceptions to share here? If so, drop them in the comment section so we can make sure people know the truth.

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