Electric bikes are growing in popularity at a rapid rate. While e-bikes are perfect for commuting and recreational rides to the park, they’re also awesome toys for sport. Kids are beginning to get in on the action, too, with more and more bicycle makers releasing kid-friendly electric bicycles. Besides, since e-bikes are well and truly the future of two-wheeled mobility, there’s surely no harm in starting them young—so long as you do so in a safe and controlled environment.

The Twenty4 E from Bulls Bikes fills that exact need; it's a tool ready to help your youngster learn the ropes of the two-wheeled lifestyle, regardless if it's mountain biking, road cycling, or even motorcycling they wish to pursue in a few years' time. Of course , they'll ultimately outgrow this one, but the $3,500 USD fancy electric bicycle shown below will undeniably enhance your child's enjoyment of cycling in the meantime.

Start Them Young With Bulls Bikes’ Twenty4 Kid-Friendly Electric Mountain Bike

A Bosch Active Line Plus with an output of 250 watts is mounted in the center of the bicycle's frame. Bulls says that the bike has a top speed restriction of 15.5 mph, which is more than adequate for a kid's bike, and will offer them a taste of full-size tech and performance. Bulls claims that the Twenty4 can generate up to 134 miles of range on a single charge when used with a 500 Wh Bosch PowerPack. Of course, a plethora of variables, like the condition of the roads, the rider's weight, the load, and tire pressure, affect this.

The Twenty4 features an aluminum frame and is fitted with a Shimano drivetrain. Bulls made the decision to install an 8-speed cassette with an 11-34T range matched to a 1x crankset since the majority of riders have become accustomed to a 1x, 2x, or even 3x drivetrain. This kid-friendly e-MTB also has Styx handlebars, stem, and seatpost, and a set of 24-inch Schwalbe Black Jack tires that give all-terrain traction. The Twenty4 has an SR Suntour XCT suspension with 80 millimeters of suspension travel, which is more than enough for the kids' off-road excursions.

Start Them Young With Bulls Bikes’ Twenty4 Kid-Friendly Electric Mountain Bike

Overall, the Bulls Twenty4 isn’t exactly a featherweight. It tips the scales at 20.5 kilograms, so it goes without saying that kids will be getting a good workout in riding this thing around. Regardless, you’ll need to make sure that your kids are riding this bike supervised, as it packs quite a decent punch. Needless to say, kid-specific bikes are getting faster and more high-tech, and rightfully so, as they’ll eventually grow up to ride the bigger, faster, and more expensive bikes.

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