In markets where EV adoption is already skyrocketing, public DC Fast Charging is crucial. Moreover, in markers that have yet to warm up to EVs, companies arguably need to get ahead of the curve. Without a quickly growing number of fast and reliable electric car charging stations, EV adoption may not move quickly enough.

With that said, Tesla continues to prove it's the global leader not only when it comes to electric cars, but also in public fast charging. Tesla has a growing network of Superchargers across the globe, and it continues to expand the network on a constant basis. Eventually, the electric automaker plans to open the network to all EVs, regardless of the brand, which will be a huge step forward for the EV segment as a whole.

Tesla China just announced that it has already opened its 100th Supercharger in Beijing alone. Sawyer Merritt tweeted out the announcement, which was later shared by Teslarati.


In reply to Merritt's tweet, another Twitter user pointed out that it wasn't only Beijing that hit the 100 Supercharger milestone. As you can see from the reply below, the Chinese city of Jiangsu Nanjing also got its 100th Supercharger.


We could likely publish milestone announcements like this for many global cities going forward, as Tesla is expanding the network quickly. According to the company's Q2 2022 quarterly update letter, the Supercharger network saw an impressive 34 percent growth year-over-year.

Tesla also reported that there were just shy of 3,000 Tesla Supercharger stations across the globe in Q2 2021. As of Q2 2022, that number has climbed to nearly 4,000. Tesla shared via Teslarati:

“The Supercharger business, which is part of Services & Other, is increasingly serving both Tesla and non-Tesla customers. To help accelerate the transition to sustainable energy even faster, we are excited to open up our global, fast-growing network to other EV customers.”

While many EV owners charge their cars at home most of the time, not having access to a fast and reliable charging network for road trips will most certainly hold back adoption. Tesla's working to expand exponentially in key markets while also expanding in less populated areas to plan for the future.

Hopefully, other companies will follow suit, and Tesla will open its network to the masses in the near future, though not all Tesla owners support opening the network to non-Tesla EVs. We'd love to learn what you think. Leave us a message in the comment section below.

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