An updated model of Oregon-based Arcimoto's Mean Lean Machine (MLM) has just been showcased. New suspension and other structural as well as functional improvements are included in the most recent revision of the still-in-development electric bike-class vehicle. In February, the initial MLM prototype was shown, and was portrayed by Arcimoto as a step forward for e-bikes, giving them additional stability, safety, and utility.

The MLM from Arcimoto aims to differentiate itself from other electric three-wheelers on the market. The pedals operate a drive-by-wire mechanism that starts a generator. There is no mechanical link between the pedals and the wheels since, unlike a conventional electric bicycle, there is no chain or belt transferring power from the pedal generator to the engine. E-trikes with pedal generators have been released before, and e-bikes with regenerative braking that can self-recharge while being pedaled manually are already in existence. The Arcimoto MLM, on the other hand, offers something radically new.

Arcimoto’s Cybertrike Is The Newest Tilting Three-Wheeler Prototype

That being said, the fact that the trike can’t be pedaled manually in the event of electronic failure may be a deterrent to some, however, Arcimoto looks to make up for this with a robust technological platform. Arcimoto's MLM prototype design makes extensive use of tilting technology, which was probably acquired when Arcimoto obtained Tilting Motor Works last year. The Cybertrike, the second MLM prototype from Arcimoto, has just been revealed. According to the business, this new e-trike is the middle child of a three-sibling model range.

Mark Frohnmayer, the founder and CEO of Arcimoto, described the concept behind the Cybertrike in an Electrek article saying: “The MLM team has really outdone themselves with this Cybertrike Edition prototype. The team has continued to refine the ride experience, dial in the industrial design of the chassis, as well as provision for best-in-class carrying capacity, and it will provide us with invaluable testing and marketing data as we push towards the release of the first Mean Lean Machines later this year. I remain confident that this product will be in a field of its own, while also opening up the bicycle class to a much wider audience.”

Arcimoto’s Cybertrike Is The Newest Tilting Three-Wheeler Prototype

Each of the three wheels on the Cybertrike will have a hub motor, and those hub motors will be connected to one another to provide torque vectoring. Due to this innovation, the MLM will be able to maintain stability at reasonably high speeds and easily navigate uneven terrain, especially when not all three wheels are on the ground simultaneously. In addition, Arcimoto has not yet disclosed the precise MLM power figures. However, the MLM is anticipated to be able to achieve a range of 200 miles, though it's said that this will necessitate the installation of auxiliary batteries on the e-three-wheeler.

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