According to a recent document discovered by Märkische Oderzeitung and shared by Teslarati, Tesla may intend to sell at least some of the early copies of Model Y crossovers that were produced at Giga Berlin ahead of official production. The Model Y vehicles were reportedly built for testing purposes.

As you may remember, Tesla was producing Model Y SUVs at its German factory before it officially opened. In fact, the electric automaker was initially approved to produce some 250 vehicles for testing, and eventually, that number was raised to 2,000.

Tesla is currently in the process of starting factory upgrades in Berlin. However, during the shutdown, it seems deliveries could continue. While the early production Model Y units were supposed to be unavailable for sale, Tesla may be hoping that at least some of them can be delivered to customers.

While disposing of any vehicles an automaker deems "acceptable" is a hard pill to swallow, it's reality. That said, not being allowed to sell the first (and earliest) 250 vehicles is one thing. Clearly, not being allowed to put to use without restrictions and/or sell any of a fleet of over 2,000 vehicles is much different, especially when producing new cars is hindered substantially by supply chain issues and global turmoil.

The document shared by Teslarati reveals that Tesla may have only gotten rid of about 100 of the early Model Y production units that were produced at Giga Berlin. The rest of the crossovers were intended to be used internally after the testing process was completed. However, according to the documents, Tesla says that early copies with "good" quality could be used without any significant restrictions. Follow the link below to see the document for yourself.

Tesla Manufacturing Brandenburg

While the document is redacted, there's an assumption by German media outlets that Tesla is suggesting that some of those early production Model Y units could be sold to customers. We'll have to wait to learn precisely what Tesla intends to do with the early production units.

In the meantime, Tesla plans to finish upgrades at Giga Berin just ahead of the final week of July 2022. The factory improvements should help the automaker ramp up Model Y production more significantly.

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