Honda Motor announced the formation of Striemo Inc., the second company to emerge from Ignition, Honda's new business creation initiative. As its debut product, Striemo Inc. has been working on a unique, all-electric micro-mobility vehicle also called "Striemo."

This quirky little three-wheeler has an unusual balance aid technology that permits stable riding with less probability of falling over. Stability is provided across its whole speed range by including a structure that makes it simpler for the rider to "maintain balance spontaneously." What exactly this technology is remains to be revealed. However, it's likely similar to some of those new self-balancing gizmos we've been seeing in the world of electric motorcycles as of late.

Honda Introduces Striemo, Its Newest Electric Micro-Mobility Venture

According to Honda, this so-called self-balancing mechanism functions as a vital element of the scooter’s structure. It keeps the rider stable regardless of how fast Striemo is moving. It has a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour, or around 15 miles per hour, and offers a range of 30 kilometers (18.75 miles) on a single charge. Striemo says that the self-balancing module was precisely developed to measure the scooter’s center of gravity within a tenth of a millimeter. Perhaps it makes use of some torque-vectoring tech to maintain stability, too.

One question that lingers in my mind is this: why would Honda go to such great lengths to create what is essentially an overly complex three-wheeled electric scooter? Well, it seems like the answer to that is pretty simple: because it can. Yotaro Mori, CEO and Co-Founder of Striemo Inc explains how the new company is centered on unique experiences and discoveries.

“One of the fun factors of mobility is discovery and first encounters. I developed Striemo based on my desire to enable a greater number of people to experience such fun, and my challenging spirit to create a means of transportation that lets anyone go out more spontaneously just like putting on our shoes to go out,” explained Mori.

Mori went on to explain that his time working on the development of motorcycles at Honda had contributed greatly to what Striemo is, and aspires to become in the future. “My goal is to make Striemo one of the most commonly used mobility products in people's everyday lives around the world and create a better world where people enjoy the freedom of mobility,” Mori concluded. Striemo is expected to make its debut in Japan towards the end of 2022, and in Europe by 2023.

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