The electric bike industry has advanced quite a bit in recent years. When they first entered the scene a decade or so ago, e-bikes were little more than pedal-assist powered bicycles that looked rather odd thanks to the addition of a lot of wires and a bulky battery pack. These days, electric bikes have taken a shape of their own, and are more stylish, functional, and high-tech than ever before.

Of course, with more tech and features, the prices of these premium pedal-powered electric machines skyrocketed—and so, too, did their propensity to fall victim to theft. To address this, several aftermarket accessories are available to deter would-be thieves, and these, too, are getting more and more high-tech. Wing Bikes, for instance, has a new location tracker that it's throwing in for free. The popular New York City-based e-bike company looks to put an end to e-bike theft with the new innovation, plus, it's throwing in a $300 discount and a bundle of accessories with worth more than $200, too.

If you want to purchase a Wing Bikes two-wheeler, you can grab the location tracker for free by entering the code "1WING" on the company's website. However, you must install the tracker yourself. Electrek emphasizes the tracking device's functionality, stating that Wing Bikes founder Seth Miller desired that the placement of the tracker in the bike be kept a secret. All we know is that it's hidden in a specific compartment on the bike and secured with security bolts that make it almost impossible for a criminal to gain access without a unique set of security tools.

The gadget uses Apple's Find My Network technology—the same as your iPhone—and conceals an AirTag that can be used to track down and perhaps retrieve a stolen e-bike. Naturally, it's always best to prevent theft before it even occurs. As a result, the system includes a warning sticker that informs thieves that the bike is trackable. Hopefully, this will be enough of a deterrent for the thief to avoid tampering with it. But what if the thief is so dumb, and can't read the sticker?

Wing Bikes Is Throwing In A Location Tracker To Deter E-Bike Thieves

Indeed, when it comes to e-bike and vehicle theft in general, GPS tracking kits are the final line of defense. However, Wing Bikes' products have additional security features that should deter burglars from stealing your prized possession. A loud vibration alarm is included, which can be activated with the keyfob that comes with the e-bike. If the bike is disturbed or moved, it will emit a loud alarm which is sure to catch the attention of bypassers, and hopefully, the authorities. This means it keeps not just burglars away from your parked bike, but also careless pedestrians and fellow bicyclists.

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