What happens when you're such an outdoorsy person, and you simply love travelling, that you need a vehicle to be a bike, boat, and small house all in one? Well, you get this weird and wonderful contraption called BeTriton. It's quite literally everything I mentioned above: an electric pedal-assist e-trike, a boat, and a tiny house. I mean BeTriton's existence revolves around three things: Boat, Camp and Trike.

Indeed, the development of such a concept, not to mention actually making it a reality, is the product of a genius mind. Aigars Lauzis is the man behind the machine, and is the founder and CEO of BeTriton. Based in London for six years, Aigars, of Latvian descent,  decided to embark on a cycling journey across Eurasia. He proceeded to go on a 30,000-kilometer, four-year-long journey aboard his bicycle—an expedition that would make any cycle touring enthusiast green with envy. In the span of four years, Aigars stopped four times to work as a designer in Istanbul, Dubai, Singapor, and Shanghai. 

BeTriton Is A Wonderful Amphibious E-Trike That's Ready For Adventure

When he was in Shanghai, Aigars came up with the brilliant idea: to create the ultimate cycle-touring contraption for the die-hard outdoor enthusiast. The result was a strange hybrid between a tent, boat, and tricycle, which underwent its initial testing in a local city park. Fast forward to 2022, and the BeTriton is now a reality, and it's quite possibly the most hipster, futuristic recreational vehicle out there. BeTriton prides itself in its key values consisting of creativity, sustainability, fun, and ethics, and it's clear that this amphibious camper trike ticks all the boxes. 

Technically speaking, BeTriton claims that the vehicle offers adequate range for two days' worth of adventure, breaking this down to 50 kilometers of on-road range, and 20 kilometers of range on the water. Of course, should your willingness for adventure exceed 70 amphibious kilometers, you can always resort to manually pedaling and rowing your way home. BeTriton's website lists the vehicle'e numerous amenities including the ability to transport two adults over land and over water, an electric boat motor with steering from inside the cabin, and an electric bicycle motor that provides pedal-assist and a built-in throttle

BeTriton Is A Wonderful Amphibious E-Trike That's Ready For Adventure
BeTriton Is A Wonderful Amphibious E-Trike That's Ready For Adventure

BeTriton is powered by a Li-ion battery pack which can gain some much-needed juice thanks to built-in solar panels on the roof. A fold-up kitchen table, built-in cooling and heating, and USB charging ports, GPS, and even a sound system are all included in the package. Perhaps the best part is tha BeTriton is throwing in a pot on the roof of the camper for your favorite plant to go along with you on your adventures. 

All that being said, you may be wondering: how much for such a fun, adventurous, and quirky recreational vehicle? Well, BeTriton is now accepting preorders on its website (linked below) for the token amount of 100 Euros ($104 USD). When finished, BeTriton will have a base price starting a 14,500 Euros, or the equivalent of around $15,080 USD. 

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