Tesla owner and YouTube influencer Ryan Shaw bought a used Tesla Model 3 this year. He explains that if you go on Tesla's website and configure a new model, you'll quickly learn that you may have to wait a very long time to take delivery. Not only are delivery windows many months away, with some extending into 2023, but Tesla is also raising prices, and the used car market is taking note.

Perhaps you need a new car right away? That was exactly the case for Shaw, so he hoped to have some luck buying a used Tesla. However, he was well aware of the fact that used Teslas are often selling at prices higher than they cost new. Nonetheless, he picked up a pre-owned 2018 Tesla Model 3, and he made this video not only to explain why he followed through with the purchase, but also why he'll never do it again.

Obviously, with any car purchase, new or used, there are advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, there are almost always valid arguments for going with a new car over a used car, and vice versa. If you're in the market for an EV, and especially a Tesla, there's a whole lot to consider. Fortunately, Shaw has been through the process, so he has some perspectives that are certainly worth sharing, and they may just help you decide on the best course of action.

Shaw has bought three new Tesla vehicles over the years, the first of which was a Model Y, which has been rear-ended twice. Still, he successfully rents the electric crossover on Turo so there's no doubt he has experience with buying both new and used Teslas. Later, he bought his wife a new Model 3 for just $38,990, $8,000 more than the same model costs today. Finally, he splurged on a Model S Plaid, which he also rents on Turo.

Shaw has decided to try out having an EV fleet for use on Turo as an actual profitable business model. That said, he made his Model Y and Model S available on Turo all the time, and he's actually making a profit on both cars. On the flip side, he needed a car to drive, and it comes as no surprise he bought another Tesla.

He ordered a new Model Y, but it won't be coming soon, so the 2018 Model 3 was the best option. However, it wasn't cheap, and it's missing features that come in brand-new Tesla models. Shaw breaks down how much he paid and what you'll be missing out on if you choose an older Tesla over a newer one. He also talks about which features you can add, and how much it will cost to do so.

If you're actually considering a used Tesla, you may be hard-pressed to find a video with more helpful details. Shaw leaves almost no stone unturned as he takes us through the experience in detail. As always, check out the video and then start a conversation in our comment section below. Will you buy a used Tesla? How about another used EV?

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